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May 27, 2020

Emergency Mobile Pantry in Zuni, New Mexico, gears up for June!


Above: Donated masks

By Zowie Banteah-Yuselew
Emergency Mobile Pantry in Zuni, New Mexico
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As we gear up for June, it's great to reflect on our journey thus far. We started on April 12th with 25 care packages and last Thursday and Friday combined was our eleventh distribution with 265 care packages! We received over 100 plus messages in one day so we know the need is great. We have a little bit over a month to continue our Facebook Charity page which we hope carries us through July. We are glad to continue to help and very fortunate to be able to. It's a lot of heart work and great learning experiences for all of us including our volunteers. Thank you donors for being super caring people for the support and all the people across the US sending donations through mail, we want to acknowledge you for your efforts. We plan to continue these efforts as long as we have donations and supplies. Elahkwa, thank you again for helping us by donating!
Raised $41,390. The goal is $50,000.
Donate and read more on Facebook at:
Mailing address for donations:
Zowie Banteah
16C Tekala Drive
Zuni, NM 87327

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