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May 27, 2020

McKinley Mutual Aid volunteers bring relief to Dine' in Ojo Encino, New Mexico

McKinley Mutual Aid's all volunteer team caravaning nearly 100 food boxes, water, bleach and masks to Torreon, Ojo Encino and Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico, on Tuesday.
'Took a 4-truck caravan and 6 hours of driving, but successfully delivered food boxes, water, bleach and ppe for 50 families in Ojo Encino today (along with an additional 40 for Pueblo Pintado/Whitehorse chapters). Big thank you to our volunteer drivers!' -- McKinley Mutual Aid in McKinley County, New Mexico. McKinley County includes portions of the eastern Navajo Nation in New Mexico, along with Zuni Pueblo and the border town of Gallup, New Mexico.

Below: Preparing for deliveries during May.

Collaborative effort of all-volunteer grassroots effort receives $115,000 in relief funds for Dine' and Ashiwi

Welcome, Yá'át'ééh , Hola, Keshi,

We are currently processing Rapid Response requests through the McKinley Mutual Aid, a Health and  Help network for the McKinley Community of Northwest New Mexico. Geographically our service area includes all communities of McKinley County including the Sovereign Indigenous Nations of the Navajo (Diné ) and Zuni (Ashiwi) peoples, as well as those neighboring communities on the borders, in which we share resources, relatives and our lived communal experiences.
McKinley Mutual Aid Accomplishments:
Fundraising Highlights
Raised over $85,000 in Grants and Private Donors: $10,000, Seventh Generation; $10,000, NDN Collective; 15,000 Decolonizing Wealth; $5,000 New Mexico Women; $10,000 Javier Martinez, $24,000 Paypal; $2,000 from Indigenous Lifeways; $1,000 First Born [soon to be $5k] 5,000 Private Donor, 30,000 Tarbell Charitable Fund, Recognition of Vanessa Roanhorse.
Over 30,000 in Paypal.
In total McKinley Mutual Aid has raised over $115,000.
Masks: 210 Masks from Constance Parng and Sewing Group, 500 plus on the way; 100 Masks from Brenda H.; 50 plus Masks from Willcita C.; 12 boxes- 12 count of Tanka Bars.
Impact Highlights
Chopped, hauled and delivered 5 truck loads of wood; procured 5 large truck loads (U-hauls) of food, water and baby supplies; distributed supplies to nearly 500 families through our Rapid Response Efforts.
Partner Highlights
Collaborated with Strengthening Nations and the United Methodist Church of Gallup to utilize their church as a distribution and storage center.
Partnered with First Born, Growing in Beauty and Avenues Early Childhood to distribute baby supplies to families.
100 percent of funds are used for materials and gas money.
0% overhead--all volunteer!

For aid:
If you need help in filling out this form or would like translation services in Navajo (Diné Bizaad) or Spanish (en español).
Please feel free to call our MMA Help/Connection hotline
505-862-9799 or

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