August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, June 15, 2020

Protester shot during rally to remove Onate statue in Albuquerque

The shooter was arrested and members of the militia, who call themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard, were detained by police. In Albuquerque, after one protester was shot by this man, Steven Baca.

Eyewitnesses identified this man as the shooter. The man, identified on social media as Steven Baca, said during his arrest that he called out that his father worked for the Bernalillo County Sheriff office.  Heavily armed New Mexico Civil Guard members were detained by police at the scene. -- Censored News

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Albuquerque -- One man was arrested after shooting a protester at a gathering at the statue of the genocidal Conquistador Onate in Albuquerque on Monday. The injured man,  protesting the genocidal Onate Statue, is listed in critical but stable condition. Heavily armed vigilantes of the New Mexico Civil Guard were detained by police and the shooter arrested.

Steven Ray Baca, 32, was arrested and charged with use of a firearm and aggravated battery.

A second statue of Onate in northern New Mexico was removed peacefully on Monday.

In Albuquerque, Ahtza Dawn Chavez, executive director of the NAVA Education Project, said, "We want to thank those who showed up to support the peaceful prayer gathering at Tiguex park earlier this evening. This prayer gathering was meant to garner support to remove the statue of someone who brought so much violence to many of our Pueblo people.

Acoma Pueblo Maurus Chino: Onate, the conquistador butcher

Photos: In Alcalde, N.M., county authorities removed the bronze statue of Juan de Oñate in northern New Mexico amid a new wave of criticism of the memorial as an affront to indigenous people and an obstacle to greater racial harmony. A forklift pried the massive bronze statue of Oñate from a concrete pedestal to the sound of cheers and ululation from bystanders. A demonstration also was planned in Albuquerque at another bronze Oñate likeness. KOAT News. Video by Ryan Begay

With the removal of the Onate statue today, Censored News re-publishes today the words of Maurus Chino

Maurus Chino, Acoma Pueblo, said, "We equate the conquistador Juan de Onate and his soldiers with Hitler and the Nazis. Both practiced genocide. The Spanish land grant system is nothing but double-speak for the theft of native lands. These lands that were so freely 'granted' are Indian lands," Chino said in 2006. Objecting to a celebration for Onate, he said, "We are offended by these 'celebrations.' Would decent people sit by and do nothing if we had a parade of Nazis as part of an event of 'cultural heritage?'" 

"In January 1599, a larger force was sent to Acoma, where an epic battle ensued lasting three days and by historical accounts of the Spanish themselves, the ended with over 800 hundred men, women, and children being butchered. Men over the age of 25 were sentenced to have one-foot cut and 25 years of slavery. Males between the ages of 12 and 25 were likewise given 25 years of slavery. Young girls between the ages of 12 and 25 were given 25 years of slavery. 60 young girls were sent to priests in Mexico, never to return to Acoma."

by Maurus Chino, Acoma Pueblo
First statement March 19, 2011, opposing rally commemorating Iraqi War, Albuquerque
Second statement Huaba Hanu Listening Conference May 7, 2005  
Censored News

Moment of silence for the brave ones alive and dead who stand and stood for the People in the face of oppression throughout the world

Guwaatsi! Gai d’awa hauba? Wa shinum’e Kaaimaisiwa d’aagashi, D’yaami Hanu suda. Uusraatra Hanu waashdi suda etyu. Ak’ume suda.

Greetings! Are you all well? My Acoma name is Kaaimaisiwa. My American name is Maurus Chino. I belong to the Eagle Clan, and am a child of the Sun Clan. I belong to the Acoma People.

Acoma, a beautiful and wondrous place to the west of here, is for us the center of the universe. I may live in other places, as I do now, here in Albuquerque, but Ak’u, beloved Ak’u is a strong force that draws those of us who were born for Acoma and those who will be born for Acoma, always back to its center.

Four Directions Prayer Walk: Maxton, North Carolina, June 20, 2020

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