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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Red Road to DC: For Generations to Come

July 14, 2021

Native activists begin cross-country tour to highlight at-risk sacred sites

Group says Biden must address crisis posed by development in Indian Country

Schedule July 14 -- 29, 2021


BELLINGHAM, Washington — Native American activists and allies from across the country today began a cross-country tour called the Red Road to DC to highlight the threats to Indigenous sacred sites. They will transport a totem pole carved by the House of Tears Carvers from Lummi Nation to each sacred site to highlight the importance of President Biden taking immediate action to protect the areas. 


"It is our Xa xalh Xechnging, our sacred obligation, as Lummi people, to care for our lands, waters, and all living things on Earth," said Jewell James (Lummi), master carver at House of Tears Carvers. "Each person who comes to the events at the sacred sites who lays their hands on it, is instilling it with a message and a prayer that the places Indian people pray, and collect foods and medicines, will be protected." 


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