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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bad Bear's Photos: Reno Rally for Leonard Peltier

Reno Rally for Leonard Peltier, photos by Carl Bad Bear Sampson/Censored News.
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Special thanks to cellphoneographer Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson, Western Shoshone, our friend from Long Walk 2 northen route, and the Renegade Walkers for Diabetes. Bad Bear walked across America twice in the past three years.
Bad Bear shares these photos from today's rally for Leonard Peltier at the federal building in Reno, Nevada, with Censored News!
Thank you!

Counterpunch: Spy Drones Over Arizona

New high tech spy drone
Weekend Edition February 3-5, 2012
Flight of the Hummingbirds

Spy Drones Over Arizona

Arizona, already struggling to free itself from racist state officials, banned books and profiteering private prisons, is now targeted as the test site for private spy drones.
Arizona military profiteers are pushing for Arizona to become an expanded drone test site for “commercial and nonmilitary” uses of unmanned aircraft. The federal government announced it will set aside airspace.
The Arizona Daily Star in Tucson seems to think making Arizona an expanded base for drones is a good idea. This drone promotion by the Star magnifies how the Arizona media is part of the continued degradation of Arizona, as it cheerleads for the promotion of the militarization of Arizona. This agenda includes the criminalizing of people of color.
Drones are used worldwide by the US for targeted assassinations, without trials. The reckless murders carried out by drones worldwide, by soldiers seated at remote computers in Nevada, are often based on flawed intelligence.
The Arizona Daily Star proves to have a short memory about the danger of drones, forgetting that already a drone has crashed nearby in Nogales, Ariz.

Mohawk Nation News: Letter to New White Minority


By Mohawk Nation News
MNN.  Jan. 3, 2012.  Dear Brown Majority: Could you please help us adjust to being the new minority among the brown people on Great Turtle Island? Signed, the New White Minority.

Dear New White Minority:  It’s like déjàvu all over again.  [Yogi Berra].  We were once the majority.  And now we are again.

Great Turtle Island has always been a foreign land to you.  Your children may mix with us and your grandchildren may be brown.   

At an all brown school, don’t be afraid of those who don’t look like you.  Bring along some cool European culture and try to mix with us.  We will have whiteness studies programs to raise our racial awareness.

Be aware that brown people have a different way of exercising power.  Everybody is equal and has a voice.  We won’t have curfews to close all-night white restaurants and just keep our diners open.

White affirmative action programs and white workers associations will help you. 

Browns dying their hair and skin white to look like you on the screen is offensive!

Segregation breeds mistrust and factions. In the city one race doesn’t hold a majority. Racial tensions in the suburbs will be due to poor housing and anti social behavior. 

Whites are leaving indigenous neighborhoods so as not to disappear into the refuse of history.  They will be bussed out of housing projects for poor whites to faraway white schools.

Some tips to help you adjust: 

Don’tlet offensive racial slurs bother you, like honkey or whitey.  Find leaders who aren’t psychos or idiots, like Glen Beck, Sarah Palin or Stephen Harper.  Don’t resurrect Hitler.  Look to someone inoffensive like Justin Bieber.  Run whiteness studies so we can understand you.  You could lure white immigrants to sneak in illegally to increase your numbers, like Canadians.  They’re the ones who say Eh! Get used to most positions of power being filled by brown people, in business, politics,entertainment.  Learn to clean the houses of brown people.  Don’t be conspicuous in the neighborhood by hanging your curtains with the designs facing outside. 

Brown people could adopt white children.

Whites don’t have a racially secure homeland. Europeans are becoming Muslim, converting to Islam and learning Arabic.   

Europe is becoming brown.  Whites are becoming poor.  They’re starting to think of themselves as non-white and their continent as belonging to everybody.  Hard work and resources of brown people created this once-upon-a-time entitled people.

European shave no sense of kinship with each other. They think the masses should be policed, managed and robbed, creating basket case countries.      

Chris Donovan, New York Times, said, “The less whites think about becoming a minority the better”.

The white economic elites and mainstream media don’t want to talk about this.  The richer are trying to hold onto their money and remain white.  16% of them move out of the US every year.

Like millions you could move to one of those gated communities and send your children to private schools.
Remember,for now, the Bilderbergs are still a bunch of old megalomaniac whitegeezers. 

The future is a world of people of color and colorful people.  So lighten up!

Yours truly, the Brown Majority.

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