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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mohawk Nation News: 'Hungry for Power'


By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  Feb. 13, 2012.  Whites are hardwired for insane power. 

We learn about these crazy people by watching television, movies, playing video games and walking around the mall.  Visual depictions of bombings, murders, rapes, perversions, child abuse and other violence comes from their minds.     

As they become the minority, they still think Indigenous and other people of color should sit at the back of the bus, so to speak.  

We’vebeen killed and oppressed by them to steal our land and resources to finance their economy and debt.  They got mad over not being able to domesticate us.  We just wouldn’t suck up to them.  They found no reason to not murder us.

New genocidal laws [Arizona] forbid learning true Indian history and the memories of who we are. 

They’ve shown no guilt over these killings. They think they’re not sick because they said they’re sorry. 

Their depression is due to their detachment from nature.  They’re missing melanin, a genetic factor in people of color, plants, animals and the earth. They can’t empathize.  White farmers are the closest but they don’t get it. 

These whites want to belong.  Some have come among us and wild animals to imitate our connection with the natural world.  They tame or kill.  Predators trying to tame predators! 

Animals in their natural state teach us about life.  Wolves are cunning. They teach us to stick together to take care of our families and the power of one mind even when miles apart. The bear shows us how to develop our strength through the foods we eat.  The turtle shows us how to deliberate wisely and carefully.    

Animals want to live in the wild.  They watch,wait and attack when agitated or to defend themselves, their territory, their young and their food source.  

There are two recent separate cases of whites living among wild animals, treating them like tabby cats.  They started to pull rank on them.  One held back on the food for the bears.  The other tried to discipline the wolf, who practically lived in her house.  

Money means nothing to animals and hierarchy is not a natural state.  These two women were no longer their servants.  Both animals did what comes naturally.  The women got ate.  The chubby traditionally attired non-native medicine man couldn’t understand why the wolf would eat such a nice old lady.

The invaders tried to make us and the animals depend on them, make us all into something we’re not.  They murdered over 100 million of us and 60 million buffalo.   

Can’tthese ignoramuses see the harm they’ve done to the environment, plants, animals and people?  A carbon tax can’t fix it! 

No one is speaking for the animals, who need to be heard.  That’s what they told us.  The whites may expect the animals to thank them if they help them.

Just like Tweety Bird sang when Sylvester the Cat tried to devour him:  “I did.  I did.  I taw aputty tat creeping up on me”.  They’re so conditioned to think they’ll always get saved.

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Hacked e-mails reveal Mexico manipulating climate change facts, destroying Indian sacred lands

Huicholes sacred land targeted by First Majestic silver mining
Hacked e-mails reveal Mexico manipulating climate change facts, destroying Indian sacred lands

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The hacked e-mails of Mexico’s mining industry of Camimex exposed by Anonymous reveal that the government of Mexico is manipulating climate change facts in order to protect coal mining and other dirty industries from taxation.

The e-mails expose the government of Mexico is engaged in the corporate rape of the environment, with total disregard for the air, water and land of Mexico. The e-mails reveal there is no consideration or protection, by Mexico or mining corporations, for Indigenous sacred lands and ceremonial places.

In the Camimex member e-mails, First Majestic Silver Mining of Canada is exposed in the state of Durango, Mexico. The company is now targeting the sacred lands of the Wixarika, Huicholes, with silver mining. The Wixarika's sacred place is where Wixarika pray for all mankind to keep the world in order and balance.

The hacked e-mails reveal the destruction to lands in Sonora, Mexico.

O’odham, who live on both sides of the Arizona/Mexico border, are fighting Silver Scott Mines, based in South Carolina in the US, which has targeted their ceremonial community of Quitovac, a place of annual pilgrimage, with gold mining. The mining of Quitovac, about 30 miles south of the Arizona/Mexico border in O’odham territory, would destroy the land and poison the water.

Further, the emails reveal that the University of Guanajuato is assisting mining corporations that are now destroying Mexico and Indigenous sacred lands. The university offers courses which promote and secure mining by professor Juan Jose Cervantes Silva. The university's promotion of mining also reveals the role of US universities in the exploitation and destruction of Indigenous lands, since Cervantes was trained at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The University of Arizona has taken a lead in the militarization of Indigenous border lands, by designing drones and offering courses that target people of color on the border. Further the University of Arizona has taken the lead in the destruction of Native sacred lands in Arizona, including placing telescopes on sacred Mount Graham over the objection of Apaches and other Native Americans. Further the university has engaged in global spying of activists in its global cyber spy program and partnered with both Homeland Security and the US Border Patrol in its programs.

Anonymous hacked Mexico’s mining industry in defense of Indigenous Peoples struggling to protect their sacred lands, and their fellow campesinos who are victims of Mexico’s mining industry. Anonymous sent a clear message to the global mining industry targeting Indigenous Peoples and their lands with abuse, violence and exploitation, that their private communications will no longer be private.

Anonymous hactivists said they were robbing the e-mails because the mining industry is robbing the miners.

“You only took out our minerals, exploiting our miner brothers,” said the statement of Anonymous posted online. So far, 730 MB of e-mail accounts and the data base of Camimex were exposed.

Anonymous said the mining companies in Mexico and the mining syndicates are together “only to steal our minerals.” Anonymous said the value is $200,000,000 and miners are forced to work in extremely dangerous conditions. Anonymous said the leader Napoleon Gomez Urrutia “stole more than 55 million of dollars,” which was for mine security. It resulted in the tragedy of “Pasta de Conchos,” where 65 miners died due to the insufficient security measures, Anonymous said.

Jan. 26, 2012 Camimex member e-mail: Climate Change

4.- Diputados vigilan Ley de Cambio Climático no afecte crecimiento.

Legisladores federales que representan a Coahuila promoverán modificaciones a la Ley de Cambio Climático que fue aprobada en el Senado y ahora está en análisis en la Cámara de Diputados. La intención es evitar que se impongan cargas fiscales que coloquen en desventaja a sectores productivos como la minería del carbón.

Así lo adelantó el gobernador, Rubén Moreira Valdez, en conferencia de prensa al señalar que la explotación del sólido debe seguirse dando para contar con los empleos que esa actividad genera.


Members monitor Climate Change Act so it does not affect growth.
Federal legislators representing Coahuila promote changes to the Climate Change Act which was passed in the Senate and is now being analyzed in the Chamber of Deputies. The intention is to avoid imposing tax burdens placed at a disadvantage in productive sectors such as coal mining.
It was advanced to the governor, Ruben Moreira Valdez, at a press conference stating that jobs must be protected.

Camimex member e-mail Jan 2012: First Majestic Silver targeting Wixarika lands

La comunidad minera mexicana se reunió en la mina La Parrilla bajo la convocatoria de First Majestic Sylver para inaugurar la ampliación de su infraestructura productiva. El secretario de gobierno Ing. Héctor Vela Valenzuela del estado de Durango, junto a la coordinadora de minería Jimena Valverde, Keith Neumeyer CEO de First Majestic, y Ramón Dávila COO y director general en México de First Majestic, hicieron el arranque simbólico de los motores de la nueva planta productiva.

Ramón Dávila en su intervención, agradeció la asistencia de analistas financieros de Toronto y Nueva York, empresarios industriales de Durango, autoridades, y representantes de empresas mineras en territorio mexicano. El director de First Majestic en México destacó que esta inversión representa un soporte para este corporativo minero, y un soporte para la comunidad de San José de la Parrilla. Resaltó también que First Majestic por tres años consecutivos ha obtenido el reconocimiento de Empresa Socialmente Responsable, y la operación productiva en sus cuatro unidades mineras se desarrolla bajo altos estándares en materia de seguridad y manejo ambiental, así también señaló que está en proceso la recertificación de industria limpia, y en proceso para este año, la certificación como empresa libre de emisiones de cianuro.

Keith NeuMeyer señaló que es un gran día para la comunidad de San José de La Parilla, para la empresa y para la minería de Durango. “Siempre insisto en externar mi opinión de que México es el mejor país en este planeta para invertir en minería, debido a la apertura del gobierno para trabajar en áreas productivas, y las facilidades para gestionar todo lo relacionado con la actividad minera”, dijo Neumeyer.

En esta ampliación de la planta productiva de La Parrilla se invirtieron 40 millones USD, y de noviembre de 2003 a la fecha, First Majestic ha invertido 200 millones USD. Actualmente La Parrilla genera 750 empleos directos y más de 2000 indirectos, beneficiando a esta región minera al sur de la ciudad de Durango.

En esta ceremonia de inauguración participó también Douglas Penrose, presidente del consejo de directores, quien reconoció la experiencia y dedicación del personal en La Parrilla, experiencia que ha dado como resultado la construcción de una planta moderna, pudiendo en todo momento, continuar con la producción de la planta ya instalada mientras se efectuaban los trabajos de ampliación.

Por su parte, Jimena Valverde destacó que First Majestic se ha posicionado como la cuarta empresa productora de plata en México, y destacó también sus logros en el cumplimiento de la normatividad y de apoyo a las comunidades vecinas.

Mina La Parrilla cuenta ahora con una planta que procesa 2000 toneladas diarias de mineral, y en 2012 invertirán 15 millones USD para construir un sistema de riel bajo tierra, y un tiro en su mina subterránea, e invertirá también 3 millones USD en exploración regional.

Spanish/English computer translation:

The Mexican mining community met at the La Parrilla mine under the notice of First Majestic Silver to inaugurate the expansion of its productioninfrastructure.Government  Secretary Mr. Hector Vela Valenzuela of Durango, near the mining coordinator Jimena Valverde, Keith Neumeyer CEO of First Majestic, and Ramon Davila, COO and CEO of First Majestic in Mexico, made the symbolic start of the engines the new production plant.

Ramon Davila in his speech, thanked the assistance of financial analysts in Toronto and New York, industrialists of Durango, authorities, and representatives of mining companies in Mexico. The director of First Majestic in Mexico stressed that this investment represents a support for this corporate mining, and support for the community of San Jose de la Parrilla. He also emphasized that First Majestic for three consecutive years has been recognized as a socially responsible company, and production operations at its four mining units developed under high standards of safety and environmental management and is also noted that the recertification process clean industry, and process for this year, the company certified as free cyanide emissions.

Keith Neumeyer said it was a great day for the community of San José de La Parilla, for the mining company and Durango. "I always show my opinion insist that Mexico is the best country on this planet to invest in mining, because of the openness of government to work in productive areas, and facilities to manage everything related to mining," said Neumeyer .

This expansion of the productive plant of La Parrilla was invested 40 million USD, and November 2003 to date, First Majestic has invested 200 million USD.Currently Grilled generates 750 direct jobs and over 2000 indirect benefit to this mining region south of the city of Durango.

In this opening ceremony also attended Douglas Penrose, chairman of the board of directors, who recognized the experience and dedication of the staff at La Parrilla, experience has resulted in building a modern plant, which may at any time, to continue production plant were made and installed while the expansion work.

Meanwhile, Jimena Valverde noted that First Majestic has positioned itself as the fourth largest silver producer in Mexico, also noting his achievements in regulatory compliance and support to neighboring communities.

La Parrilla mine now has a plant processing 2000 tonnes of ore per day, and in 2012 invested 15 million USD to build an underground rail system, and a shot in the underground mine, and will also invest USD 3 million regional exploration.
-end quote-

Camimex member e-mail Jan. 2012

4.- Minera Real Bonanza inicia exploración en Real de Catorce.

La Jornada San Luis.

Será un detonador de la actividad económica del Altiplano: Sedeco
Minera Real Bonanza, que opera con recursos de First Majestic –según consta en el portal web del corporativo–, comenzó la primera fase del trabajo en la región de Wirikuta, en Real de Catorce.
Inició la exploración minera en Real de Catorce, según informó el director de minería de la Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico, José Antonio Nieto, quien aseguró: “será un detonador de la actividad económica de la zona Altiplano”.

Computer Spanish/English translation:

4. - Minera Real Bonanza starts browsing in Real de Catorce.
La Jornada San Luis.
It will be a trigger for economic activity in the Altiplano: Sedeco
Minera Real Bonanza, which operates with funding from First Majestic-as recorded in the corporate-web portal, started the first phase of work in the region of Wirikuta in Real de Catorce.
Mineral exploration started in Real de Catorce, according to the mining director of Economic Development Secretariat, José Antonio Nieto, who said, "will be atrigger for economic activity in the Altiplano region."
-end quote-
Camimex documents via Anonymous

Anonymous Message to Mining Companies in South America

A Message To The Mining and Energy Companies In South America

By Anonymous/Operation Green Rights
Feb 2012

We want to express our condemnation for the Norte Energia‘s project on the Belo Monte’s dam. The Amazonian ecosystem is fundamental for the whole planet and the dam will damage it irreversibly. We also wish to express our condemnation for the damage that your project has wreaked on Kayapo native community.

Citizens of the World:

◦ The dam site is polluting the waters of the Xingu River. This is obviously serious because the Kayapo drink water from the river and also fish there.

◦ The charter of the ‘UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ states that the authority of indigenous communities should be consulted on the implementation of any project affecting their territory. The Kayapo have not been consulted by Norte Energia. So the Kayapo people’s rights have been violated. It is a Kayapo’s right to refuse the dam.

◦ Many of the 24,000 people in the area are being forced to evacuate. The construction of the dam will cause the flooding of their homes.

◦ Even the Ixil, in Guatemala are in danger due to the Enel Green Power’s dam project. Hydroaysen is another dam project. No one spoke with Ixil about the dam project either.

◦ Hydroaysen is another dam project in Chile, it will absolutely destroy the ecosystem of Patagonia.

◦In Mexico, First Majestic Silver Corp has obtained license to dig in the sacred area of the Huichol people. The whole area will be disfigured and the natives will be expelled.

All these facts show that the large corporations are carrying out a systematic and destructive work on nature and the South American indigenous communities through ethnic cleansing.

Operation Green Rights and Anonymous DO NOT accept that ancient and peaceful cultures will be sacrificed in the obtuse name of greed.

ENEL, ENDESA, NORTE ENERGIA AND OTHERS. Your hydropower is UNCLEAN. It is contaminated by pain and suffering. It is time to choose, create and find renewable energy sources that have very minimal impact on the environment.

Citizens of the World, the time has come to fight the neo-colonialism of the large mining and energy companies!

- Article Written By: Anonymous/Operation Green Rights

Posted on 02 February 2012. Tags: Amazona Save, Anon, Anonymous, ENDESA, Enel, energy companies, First Majestic Silver Corp, greedy corporations, Green Power, Guatemala Ixil, Huichol, Huichol people, Hydroaysen, indigenous communities, Ixil, Ixil people, Kayapo, Kayapo natives, mining companies, neo-colonialism, Norte Energia, Op AmazonaSave 3.0, Operation Green Rights, South America, South American native communities, UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Xingu River

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