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Friday, February 24, 2012

Oakland cop identified who shot Scott Olsen

Video by Oakland police identifies Oakland police officer R. Roche in the shooting of Marine Scott Olsen, hit by a police projectile in the head. After Oslen was shot in the head at close range at Occupy Oakland, police then threw flash grenades at Olsen, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, and those who came to his aid.

Anonymous donates forensic software to Occupy Oakland

Press release from Anonymous:
Anonymous donates forensic video enhancement software kit to Occupy Oakland in order to assist the Oakland community by holding police officers accountable for violent and illegal acts.

International, February 21, 2012
Anonymous has announced the recent donation of it's OccupyCSI forensic video software system to Occupy Oakland, in the interest of the Oakland community at large, with the purpose of enhancing and analyzing video footage from the Occupy Oakland protests in order to find the forensic truth in the recorded footage of the Oakland Police Department's handling of protesters.
The OccupyCSI software kit is comprised of many unique software programs including Amped Five® video forensic software, Faces 4.0® facial composite software, the Izotope RX advanced audio forensic software 2.01, organizational tools like Maltego Case Files and Treesheets, and encrypted chat and VPN, for private, encrypted communications during investigations.
The three elements of the OccupyCSI Video Forensic Package:
The InvestigatorBoy™ tool-set is the first and most comprehensive forensic video/image processing software environment in the world. It has over nine thousand proprietary designed, user-friendly plug-ins and facilities that enhance, denoise and deblur. Including is the recent additions that create the ability to perform unprecedented hexa-resolve vector-zooms of forensic video micro-evidence (e.g. faces, badge numbers).
The VideoCrystalz™ tool-set is the first real-time forensic video processing software with the world’s only (Anonymous' U.S. Patent) fully automatic real-time double-universal de-multiplexing, including real-time track zone and real-time ultra-universal DVR capture. VideoCrystalz™ allows for patented lossless video capture with encoding that doubles video storage, and the ability to perform a video search (e.g. cars and people).
Anonymous' PeenMeasure™ tool-set is the world’s only fully-automatic photogrammetronic software that allows the user to perform accurate bio-metric neo-measurements of a suspect’s dimensions (e.g. height, width, area), including measurements from video surveillance and photographs during police actions.  This software is important to the work of Occupy as it allows the user to know the suspected officer's biometric measurements based on the PeenMeasure™ calculations which in turn helps the user eliminate and narrow down individuals who might have been considered suspect.
Anonymous CEO Dr. David Davidson said, in regards to the donation,  “It is our sincere hope that in donating our forensic video OccupyCSI software to Occupy Oakland, we are helping to assist the entire community through the forensic video enhancement and 3D super-analysis of numerous videos that were recorded during the Occupy Oakland protests. Pictures tell the truth and when enhancing these videos and photos forensically, unlawful acts committed by police officers will be seen and analyzed clearly and scientifically, no matter what rank of the officer who committed them.”
About Cignatech, the company who recently donated software to the Oakland Police Department:
In 2010, Cignitech, Inc. received the Advertising Genius Award for excellence in the field of Revolution-based Capitialism. Cignitech is the only forensic video company in the world that, free of charge, armed an out-of-control police state with both proprietary forensic video acquisition hardware and scientific forensic software. In 2012,  Cignitech, Inc. was the first company in the world that tried to vampirically capitalize on the Occupy Movement for the free advertising the company would receive in the press.
Brought to you by Anonymous. Special Thanks to Doxcak3.
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Luiseno and Mission Indians: Halt Palomar College from disturbing burial site
Pauma Band Joins San Luis Rey Band In Objection To Grading Permit That
Authorizes Palomar College To Continue To Disturb Ancestral Burial Site And
Human Remains
Luiseno historical archive
Press statement
SAN DIEGO -- Today the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians joined the San Luis
Rey Band of Mission Indians in its formal request to stop Palomar College
from grading activities that are sure to disturb and irreversibly damage
ancestral cultural resources, archaeological data and unnecessarily unearth
human remains.
The San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians filed a lawsuit and a temporary
restraining order on Friday against Palomar College in San Diego County
Superior Court in Vista.  The injunction requests Palomar to cease
construction on the college’s main road, Horse Ranch Creek Road, to the
Fallbrook campus and some three large housing and commercial projects that
are planned at the intersection of Highway 76 and Interstate 15.   San Luis
Rey filed the injunction just after grading activities resulted in
inadvertent discoveries of human remains, significant archaeological
resources and distinct archaeological sites.
Despite the knowledge of the site’s well-documented historical
significance, San Luis Rey’s filing and new “inadvertent discoveries” of
human remains and significant archaeological features during grading,
Palomar College continued its construction activities.  Palomar did not
cease disturbances, did not consult with tribes, and did not revise its
plans or agreements despite the new “discoveries.”
The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) issued a Section 404 Permit which allows
the project to proceed despite potential impacts to wetlands within the
project’s footprint.  Because the project relies on a federal permit,
federal law applies to the project.
“We have no choice but to join the San Luis Rey Band and halt this illegal
and immoral action of unearthing our ancestors without following the law
and protocol that applies to these types of projects,” said Bennae Calac,
Pauma’s Repatriation Officer and Secretary/Treasurer of Pauma’s Tribal
Council.  Ms. Calac further explained that “[i]n this case we have the
domino effect of poor project management and compliance:  failed tribal
consultation, insufficiently scoped archaeological assessments, erroneous
conclusions in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), data recovery based
on an unapproved, unofficial Data Recovery Plan, zero evidence of a
curatorial services agreement that complies with the Archaeological
Resources Protection Act of 1979 that governs the repository and long term
curation of the archaeological resources collection and Section 110 of the
National Historic Preservation Act which governs the federal agency duty to
observe historic preservation practices, and the list goes on and on.
 Despite the fact that we have Native American monitors onsite, we remain
concerned that the licensed archaeologists that have given the green light
to continue grading and cause irreparable harm to the site are acting too
hastily.  The grading and resource extraction is occurring more quickly
than the archaeologists can identify and assess the resources.   Further,
the resources are being boxed and left onsite. If archaeologists are unable
to keep up with the inventory and assessment of the collection as it is
being discovered and if archaeologists opt to use a repository or curation
facility not properly staffed or otherwise inadequate (such as a
temperature controlled environment), then those very archaeologists and
perhaps even Palomar College have done a great disservice to the people of
California, the tribes that have and continue to provide guidance, and the
descendents of those buried.  The Palomar project sets a dangerous
precedent in the archaeological profession that is contrary to local,
state, tribal and federal regulations drafted to protect and learn from the
archaeological record.”
The proposed injunction would allow an appropriate modification of the
grading permit, in the least, to address the inadvertently found human
remains and resources, as well as allow for overdue tribal consultation to
take place and an appropriate curatorial services agreement be secured.
Ms. Calac concluded “[i]f the process was conducted correctly, an
injunction would not be necessary.”

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Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon speaks out!


Hawk Elder EDNA GORDON with Harvey Arden
Producer/Videographer Perry Finkelstein
From Edna's earlier book: VOICE OF THE HAWK ELDER
Available at 
WE NEED CHANGES in this world, really big big changes. I'm prayin' they'll be peaceable changes, not violent and bloody ones.
I'd like to see a peaceable revolution, a revolution of broomsticks instead of guns.
Call it a Broomstick Revolution.
That's right. We the People pick up our broomsticks and march together and Sweep Injustice Out! Make a clean sweep, a big cleanin' like's never been seen before.
Broomsticks against Injustice. Now that'll be the day!
We'll take our broomsticks and we'll sweep Leonard Peltier right out o' prison, along with all the other innocents.

Yep—a Broomstick Revolution! That's what we need!
From Edna’s forthcoming book A BROOMSTICK REVOLUTION

YOU CAN'T JOIN the Broomstick Revolution.

You're already PART of it if you believe in peace and Mother Earth and respect for all living things.

The Broomstick Revolution is NOT an organization.

The Broomstick Revolution is inside of each of us, a sacred place where we listen to the Creator and follow Creator's Instructions to sweep out injustice and violence.
NEVER raise a broom in violence; your broomstick is a symbol of PEACE. Peace is our purpose. Peace is our method. Peace is our philosophy.
Broomstick Day is not some particular date. Broomstick Day is TODAY and EVERYDAY.

Sweeping out injustice is an everyday ongoing task for each and ALL of us.
How do you do that? You are the one to determine that. No one else can tell you. There are no followers in the Broomstick Revolution. We are ALL LEADERS!

Become the Leader you are!  Inspire others to their own responsibility of Leadership. Each of us is responsible for sweeping out injustice and violence from our world--and from our own hearts.
Look around you, right where you are now--that's where you begin.

Heed the Instructions that arise within you.

Only PEACE will be effective.

Love all people, even--especially--your perceived 'enemies'. We want to save the world, not destroy it.

My love and encouragement to each of you.
Some advice: Stay out of big mobs. Work alone or in small groups, groups of Leaders. Let your actions be peaceful and non-destructive.
Blessings, /Grandma Edna as spoken to Harvey Arden
PS: If you wish to preorder Grandma Edna’s new book, Broomstick Revolution, reply to this email with ‘YEP’ on the subject line. Send no money now.
I’ll notify you when the First Edition comes out this Spring 2012. /Harvey

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