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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Anonymous Releases NSA Docs Related to Global Spy Network

Anonymous Releases NSA Docs Related to Global Spy Network

- Common Dreams staff
Amid the explosive back-to-back revelations made by the Guardian and Washington Post regarding a pair of National Security Agency surveillence programs this week, the hacktivist group Anonymous on Friday released what they claim are additional NSA documents that both deepen and expand on those earlier revelations.

In a statement that accompanied the release of the thirteen documents—and addressed to "the citizens of the world"—Anonymous said the information they contain proves "the NSA is spying on you, and not just Americans."
The group claims that the global intelligence apparatus discussed within some of the documents shows that government agencies "are spying on the citizens of over 35 different countries" and that this is being "done in cooperation with private businesses, and intelligence partners" across the globe.
That statement seems like a specifc reference to what one of the documents details as the Department of Defense's Global Information Grid (or GIG), designed to " enable the secure, agile, robust, dependable, interoperable data sharing environment for the Department where warfighter, business, and intelligence users share knowledge on  a global network that facilitates information superiority, accelerates  decision-making, effective operations, and Net-Centric transformation."
"Your privacy and freedoms are slowly being taken from you, in closed door meetings, in laws buried in bills, and by people who are supposed to be protecting you." - Anonymous
"We bring this to you," the Anonymous statement explained, "so that you know just how little rights you have. Your privacy and freedoms are slowly being taken from you, in closed door meetings, in laws buried in bills, and by people who are supposed to be protecting you."
Though some of the documents contained in the dump appear to be from the public domain, it is unclear how all of them may have been obtained.
As U.S. News & World Report details, the documents "total thousands of pages, but among them include reports on the "Information Sharing Environment," "Suspicious Activity Reporting," a list of names from the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (an intelligence research group) spy list, reports on the Department of Defense's "Information Enterprise" and a discussion about the government's "Net Centric Environment."
The thirteen documents were posted in a list and included as a digital index, reproduced below:
But, as Gizmodo writer Chris Mills warns:
Hit up the documents for further details; just be warned that although this might look like the plot of a B-list movie starring Aston Kutcher, the docs themselves are incredibly dry and full of more acronyms than whatever presentation you should be working on.

Mohawk Nation News 'Follow the Money'

Follow the Money
Mohawk Nation News

MNN. JUNE 8, 2013. More than 370,000 international corporations of the bloodline bankers and 31 off-shore banks are registered in Panama. Dirty or stolen money, like the ever-growing Indian Trust Fund, can be deposited, cleaned and redistributed from here.
art porterClose confidante of Canadian Prime Minister Harper, Dr. Arthur Porter, is wanted in Canada on charges of fraud, breach of trust, accepting bribes, money laundering and selling insider information on the bids to build the $1.3 billion McGill University Super Hospital in Montreal. He is fighting extradition to Canada. His wife is not. 
Mr. and Mrs. Porter were arrested in Panama on their way to Trinidad and Tobago, money laundering havens. Money can be stashed and transferred to off-shore accounts without authorities finding out. FINTRAC of Canada keeps track of international transactions, where the money is, where it’s going and who is moving it. 
Porter diagnosed himself with stage 4 lung cancer. His partner in his Bahamian health clinic, Dr. Karol Sikora, misdiagnosed the Libyan bomber of the PanAm jet in 1988. He reported that the Libyan prisoner in Scotland had stage 4 cancer and a few months to live so he could return to Libya to die. He lived for years thereafter. Sikora will be diagnosing Porter so he can’t travel to Canada. 
Dr. Sikora: “Arthur, you can’t travel. You’re 8 months pregnant”.
Dr. Sikora: "Arthur, you can't travel. You're 8 months pregnant". SNC Lavalin won the contract to build the Montreal mega hospital. A Panama lawyer sets up a dummy corporation with owners that can’t be traced. The corporation opens a Panamanian bank account in another country like Trinidad or Tobago. SNC Lavalin deposited $22.5 million into Porter’s Canadian and Bahamian bank accounts. The money is deemed to come from a corporation that’s made to appear legitimate. It can now be moved around the world. Most launderers move it electronically to United Arab Emirates, to the Caribbean and then to Canada or elsewhere. 
goebbelsThe worldwide debt-based currency system is running off the biggest debt owed to the Indigenous people. Since 1704 40% of all monies garnered from natural resources was to be placed in trust. Since their money system is based on debt, it means their whole system is running off this debt to us. For example, if $100 is deposited into their bank account, they can lend out ten times that amount. We, as the biggest debtor, demand full payment on all our debt since 1704, with accrued daily interest. Their banking system will collapse upon itself. We will take all our money to clean up their mess. They will return to the Fatherland. 
The solution is for everyone in the world to go to their Indigenous people and follow the laws of the land, not Admiralty Law, the laws of the seas. 
The exact total of the wealth in “off-the-ledger” accounts is not known. It could be thousands of trillions of dollars in gold, plantinum, gems and federal reserve notes and other currencies. 
The central bankers set up a system that allows the Bank of Canada to block anyone but the banking elite from using the account. The actual owners – the Indigenous depositors – are prohibited from utilizing their assets for humanitarian programs as originally intended. As Joan Baez reminds us, “We shall overcome”. Joan Baez
Global banking report. Keenan.
MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0

Underreported Struggles: Tahoe Resources security chief ordered assassination of Indigenous activists

Underreported Struggles #74 May 2013

By • Jun 3, 2013
Photo by hobgadlng on flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

In this month’s Underreported Struggles: a shocking report on Genocide in Brazil reappears after being ‘lost’ 40 years ago; Tahoe Resources security chief is ‘caught on tape’ ordering the assassination of Indigenous activists; The Gwich’in Nation speaks out against Alaska Governor’s $50 million dollar drilling proposal in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Guatemala’s Public Ministry revealed wiretapping evidence that identified a Tahoe Resources security chief giving direct orders to assassinate indigenous opponents of the Escobal mining project. For months, Tahoe Resources claimed to have no part whatsoever in the murders and kidnappings of Xinca community members who were working to stop the Escobal silver mine. Days after the revelation, a second Tahoe employee was implicated in the violence.
Citizens of the Secwepemc, Ahousaht and Tla-o-qui-aht Nations joined up with members of the Wilderness Committee, Friends of Clayoquot Sound, Clayoquot Action and others to confront Imperial Metals at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Vancouver, British Colombia. Among the many concerns raised at the protest were two controversial mining projects that Imperial wants to build in two different Indigenous territories within the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
After being ‘lost’ for more than 40 years, a shocking report into genocide, torture, rape and enslavement of indigenous peoples during Brazil’s military dictatorship has re-surfaced, raising fresh questions about whether the government has made amends and punished those responsible. The 7,000-page Figueiredo report–believed to have been destroyed by a fire at the agriculture ministry–reveal hundreds of severe crimes and many of its perpetrators. The report is now being examined by the National Truth Commission, which is investigating human rights violations between 1947 and 1988.
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NSA collects all e-mails, as United Nations fails humanity

NSA collects all e-mails, as United Nations fails humanity

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

As the United Nations fails humanity, it is disturbing to learn of the handful of non-profits who are enriching themselves, and controlling the agenda at the UN, using the real life struggles and sufferings of Indigenous Peoples who actually live on their lands and do not receive the benefits of these large non-profit salaries and global travel budgets.
US drone assassinations and NSA collection of e-mails
Watch Democracy Now! Friday edition and see how Democracy Now and the London Guardian are doing more than the United Nations to hold the US accountable, both for drone assassinations, and the unwarranted seizure of all citizen e-mails.
US officials have repeatedly lied to Congress about the collection of citizen e-mails on Gmail and Yahoo, Facebook info and all cell phone calls on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.
The NSA's data collection program has now been identified.
The US has collected all emails, phone calls, Google searches and credit card transactions.
Asked by Amy Goodman if the US invasive spy program would deter him, the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald said, "No, it’s actually going to embolden me to pursue these stories even more aggressively."

More at Democracy Now:
Censored News

US teen was among four US citizens killed by assassinations using US drones

Democracy Now! EXCLUSIVE Nasser al-Awlaki to Obama: Why Did You Kill My U.S.-Born Son, Grandson in Drone Strikes?
In a broadcast exclusive, Nasser al-Awkali speaks out for the first time since the Obama administration confirmed drones had killed four U.S. citizens, including his son, Anwar, and teenage grandson, Abdulrahman. The cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011. Anwar’s 16-year-old son was killed in another drone strike two weeks later. "If the United States government gave me concrete evidence against Anwar, I would have done my best to convince Anwar to come to Sana’a or to go even to the United States to face a trial. But it was only allegations," al-Awlaki says, noting he believes the United States could have easily captured him alive. We also speak with Anwar’s uncle, Saleh bin Fareed, a Yemeni sheikh and tribal leader. "I am sure I could have handed him over — me and my family — but they never, ever asked us to do that," Fareed says. The story of the al-Awlakis is featured prominently in the new documentary film opening today, "Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield," directed by Richard Rowley and written by Jeremy Scahill and David Riker.
Watch exclusive on Democracy Now! June 7, 2013:

The United Nations lacks legitimacy since it refuses to act on the US drone assassinations. Currently, Democracy Now! and the London Guardian are doing more to hold the US accountable than the UN, for both drone assassinations and the unwarranted collection of citizen e-mails in the US and around the world. -- Censored News

NSA Taps into Google, Facebook, Apple Servers

The United Nations lacks legitimacy since it refuses to act on the US drone assassinations. Currently, Democracy Now! and the London Guardian are doing more to hold the US accountable than the UN, for both drone assassinations and the unwarranted collection of citizen e-mails in the US and around the world. -- Censored News

Watch Friday's edition of Democracy Now!
The National Security Agency has obtained access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft and other Internet firms, giving the government the ability to collect emails, search history and live chats of users around the world. Details about the PRISM program were first published in The Guardian and The Washington Post. The disclosure came one day after The Guardian revealed the Obama administration is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon business customers. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, the scope of the NSA program also includes customers of AT&T and Sprint. In addition, the Journal reports the NSA is collecting details about credit card transactions. On Thursday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein defended the government’s actions.

Common Dreams said of the invasive spy program, "They have all your emails. All your credit card transactions. All your Google searches. All the websites you visit. All your phone calls. All your text messages. All your online activity."

Voice of Russia: Mohawk elder: Canada is in fact a corporation

Mohawk Nation News Logo

Canada is in fact a corporation – Mohawk Indian elder

Part II Interview with Mohawk Kahentinetha Horn

When the Europeans first arrived in the Americas the native people’s welcomed them and allowed them to stay on their lands. The European invaders soon decided that the only way to steal the lands and all of their riches was to classify the people that were living there as non-humans. This precipitated the worst genocide in the history of the world. Kahentinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian elder and a member of the Bear Clan retells the tragic history of the Mohawks and the rightful inhabitants of Great Turtle Island.
This is John Robles, I am speaking with Kahentinetha Horn, she’s a Mohawk Indian and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web resource.
(Kahentinetha Horn, Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake community on Great Turtle Island.)
Interview in progress PART 1
Robles: Western democracies were based on Indian law and Indian relationships between nations and tribes and clans. In Europe they had monarchies, there was no such concept as democracy.
Horn: No, they didn’t and they still don’t understand true democracy. They call it democracy, they call themselves liberal democracies but in fact the way we see it looking at it, it is very autocratic, it is a very autocratic hierarchical governing system with somebody at the top and then everybody else beneath obeying that person at the top. That is totally opposite to our system.
I mean ours is kind of like an upside-down pyramid; the people are the ones that make all the decisions and we have a criteria we have to follow, peace, righteousness in power, and it all comes from our philosophy. We can’t violate our philosophy. We have to think about it, we have to enforce it and basically what it is is that it creates a peace that we want, the balance between us and let’s say we have adversaries, well, we have to find a way to balance the peaceful relationship with whoever our adversaries are. If they don’t want to become peaceful with us and follow the Great Law, then we have to fight with them.
Robles: What advice would you give to current world leaders to solve all the problems in the world?
Horn: Well, the Great Law peace is there, that is our philosophy. They can follow the roots of peace to the source, sit and take shade under the tree and learn about the Great Law. That is what we do, that is what we are trying to train and put into the minds of the people all over the world.
There doesn’t have to be war. War is part of the way the world is run, you have people that want money and more money, and more money, and so what they do is they create war and it’s an ongoing war there is never an end to war and they want money and then they want resources and the resources they want belong to somebody else, so they’ve got to go on in there and create a war and start destroying those people and bringing them into submission and they take the land of the indigenous people, they take the resources and so on, and then when the people fight back, you know like here, we, the indigenous people have been the target of genocide from the day that Europeans arrived here, that the invaders first set foot here.
They came to us, and we said well, the only way you can live on Great Turtle Island is that you have to follow the Two Row Wampum, they said “what is that?”.
Well the Two Row is the two paths, the two paths that are parallel and you have to follow your path and we have to follow ours, and you have to maintain your own ways, your own language and we will show you how to live here and you can run your own communities but you can never ever have the land because the land belongs to the future generations, and we in our canoe, you in your ship and we in our canoe, we go down that river and we maintain all of the land, all of the waters, all of the resources, they don’t belong to us, we belong to it, to the natural world.
So, when we have that peace, called the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701, all of the nations of Great Turtle Island came to make this agreement with the French, French said yes, we said “Ok, if you agree to the Two Row Wampum, then we will allow you to live here, this will be kind of like your visa or your passport or whatever. You can stay here but if you violate that, then you have no right to be here. That means you haven’t come to one mind with us, you are breaking, you are breaching this agreement”.
So, then at the same time we went down to Albany, the British were down there and they said they wanted to have the same kind of agreement as the one we had in the Great Peace of Montreal. Now that was signed by 49 of our nations on behalf of all of the nations of Great Turtle Island, so the British agreed to it and they wrote it up themselves and they called it the Nanfan Treaty of 1701.
Robles: But then they violated it.
Horn: Then they breached it as well. So, that was the only treaty that ever gave the immigrants, or the invaders, any right to live here and they breached it.
So, they are occupiers, illegal occupiers of Great Turtle Island today, from that time on till today.
On top of that we never gave up our land and we never gave up our resources. Nothing, we never gave up any of it because we can’t and so, the corporation was set up called “The Corporation of the United States” and “the Corporation of Canada”.
Corporation of Canada, which has the same shareholders, the old royal families in Europe are the shareholders of these corporations. Actually their the bankers, who are the shareholders, they set up this Corporation of Canada.
And I was speaking at a college and I pulled up this… I said “look at this number”, and the students looked at it. I said “Do you know what that number is?”
They said; “No.”
I said “that is the number of the corporation of Canada, you can find it on the Internet”.
It is incorporated in Washington DC. It is a corporation with shareholders and it is under the admiralty laws, the laws of the sea. So they have no right to come to our land and place themselves on our land and set up these courts and governments and everything else, they have no right to do that.
That is a complete and total violation of the Great Peace of Montreal and Two Row Wampum, the basic foundations of that peace and it also even violates their own laws of the seas.
So, now, right now what has happened is they have no right to our resources but Canada has the most resources that are necessary to make war. We have all the resources that are needed plus, I will tell you what else; in 1867 the British North-America Act was passed and it supposedly set up Canada, it was supposedly the constitution, but it was passed by the British parliament and in it is section 109.
Section 109 says that an account will be set up for the indigenous people and all of the monies coming from all of the royalties or anything that is made, of their rents, everything that is made on the resources of Canada, a portion of it first it shall go into this account, and it is called the Indian Trust Fund.
So, all the monies went into that account and immediately upon that happening the corporation of Canada passed an illegal law, a bylaw, which is all a corporation can do, and they called it the Indian Act and in it they said that a person is anybody other than an Indian.
So, we then were declared as non-person. And so they became the trustees of our money, of our funds, of the Indian Trust Fund, and now they have been using our Indian Trust Fund to build Canada.
You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn, a Mohawk Indian an a member of a Bear Clan, and an owner and publisher of the
Visit our website in the near future to listen to the final part of this interview.
Many of the indigenous peoples of North America called the continent “Great Turtle Island.” A part of their advanced philosophy and culture included a complex and extremely developed constitution called the Great Path. The Mohawk were responsible for maintaining the peace and were the guardians of the Great Law which was supposed to bring peace not only to North America but to the entire world. Kahentinetha Horn spoke to John Robles about the history of the Mohawk, American Indian culture and beliefs and current issues of important to the indigenous people of “Great Turtle Island.” Please visit our website in the near future for a continuation of this very revealing interview.
This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Kahentinetha Horn she is Mohawk Indian Elder and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web-resource.
Robles: Hello Kahentinetha! How are you this evening?
Kahentinetha:(Speaks Mohawk: "it is nice to speak with you. we have much to tell you about what we are doing on great turtle island. our great law of peace is the path to peace based on our understanding of the great natural power kasatstensera kowa sa oiera)
Robles: Can you translate that now for us?
Kahentinetha: Those are my greetings in Mohawk. And I introduced which is the Great Turtle Island, which is what we call North America; we never call it that, we call it “Great Turtle Island.”
People who live on Great Turtle Island are the (Speaks Mohawk) which means “the True Natural People of Great Turtle Island.”
And we follow: we have a developed constitution called which means the “Great Path”. And the Great Path is the great path to peace. Our philosophy is based on our understanding and our awareness of the natural world. That’s a little bit about us.
Robles: Okay. As all North American Indians, the basis of beliefs are: respect for nature and the Great Spirit. Can you tell us a little bit in particular about the Mohawk Nation and what you are doing to promote the issues that are important to the indigenous peoples?
Kahentinetha: The Mohawk, also known as (Kanien'gehaga), are the “Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.” So, we are in the east and we were placed there by our (Speaks Mohawk) that’s the Great Natural Power. That’s where we were placed. And we were to watch for people who would be coming from the east. And so, that’s why we are called the Keepers of the Eastern Door.
We traversed throughout the eastern part of Great Turtle Island right from the north all the way down to the south. We traveled and we met all the other indigenous peoples, and we got to know each other. And we formed friendships and alliances that last to this day. There were hundreds and hundreds of indigenous nations.
The Mohawk had the responsibility to maintain the peace. We always feel that we have to do that because the Great Law which is our philosophy (Speaks Mohawk) we were the first ones to take it, to accept it. And because we were the first ones to do that, we have always been responsible for maintaining it and to maintain the peace which is what the Great Law is all about.
The Great Law of Peace is to bring peace not just to the Great Turtle Island but throughout the world. That’s why that law was given to our people. The Mohawk have this very… you know. We feel it! Right inside ourselves.
We are the eagle that sits on top of the Tree of Peace and we look out to see any danger that is coming towards us. And we give a warning, a loud scream to the people. That’s how the Mohawk Nation News came into existence.
I was raised as … I only spoke Mohawk until I was about 10 years old.
Robles: Wonderful!
Kahentinetha: Then, I had to learn to speak English. So, then, in 1990 we were defending the land. The women are what we call the “Title Holders of the Land” because we are tired to the land and we are the creators, and we hold the land for the future generations that are not here yet.
The women are the ones that have the children, that bear the children and the men have the duty of protecting the women and the children along with all their other duties. They imitate the responsibilities of the Sun; to provide heat, provide warmth, provide protection, help provide food and to teach the children, all these things to be our diplomats, our teachers, to travel and meet other native people.
The women: our responsibilities come from whatever the Earth does, which is to create the children, to help create the food, to feed the children, to raise them, to help them to become advocates of the Great Law of Peace. There is a male and female balance, not male or patriarchal or matriarchal, there is a balance between the male and the female.
Robles: In most tribes the women chose the leaders because they knew the character of the children. Is that also true with the Mohawks?
Kahentinetha: Yes. Well the people because each one of us has a “Fire,” we have the individual fire of ourselves which is what inside of us; it is our intuition, our minds, our energy, that’s called the “Fire of Life.” And we have the “Fire of the Family” which is people close to us, then the extended family and then the community, then the clan and then that extends into the nation, and that extends to the confederacy that we formed.
So, all these relationships are connected, all circular and in the very center is myself, for example. I’m in the center, all of these other circles around me, these are all my connections. So, my responsibility is immediately to my own children.
When a clan selects somebody to become a leader, or to represent us or to be a spokesman…we don’t have leaders, there is no such thing as a leader because we are equal, we are all equal and we all have a voice. So, what happens is that both the men and the women “the People” have a Fire, the women’s Fire and the men’s Fire, and the men and the women have a combined Fire, we come together and we will make a selection of somebody to speak for us, we don’t call them leaders, we call them spokespeople.
And so the spokesperson represents us for the day only, just for that day. And the women will tell the chiefs and they will say: “This is the person we’ve selected and that is the person that will speak for us for the day.” So, that’s very different from the kind of situation that you people have, you now. (laughs)
Robles: Sure! As I understand Western democracies were based on Indian law and Indian relationships between nations and tribes, and clans. In Europe they had monarchies, there was no such concept as democracy.
Kahentinetha: No, they didn’t. And they still don’t understand true democracy.
You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – she is a member of the Mohawk Nation, the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of  Part one of this interview, the Mohawks Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.
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