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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Torres News: Spy photos of Aboriginals 'We lived in fear'

By Brenda Norrell

After Censored News first published news of the Australian intelligence agency's spy photos of Aboriginals, I was contacted by an editor of remote regional newspapers in Australia. Editor Mark Bousen said he hadn't heard news of the photo exhibit in Australia.
Tonight, Censored News received the follow up to the story. Special thanks to Bousen for sharing this article, "We lived our lives in fear and panic."
Bousen included a note with the coverage, "Thank you very much for your assistance with the ASIO story. Thought you might be interested in the final publication of it. Got to talk with Mrs Mabo and the gallery sent me the original photos. So it turned out well. Cheers and thanks again."

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