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Thursday, November 19, 2015

France prohibits climate march, plans updated

By Payal Parekh -

Yesterday, we got some disappointing news. Citing security concerns, the French government has prohibited many of the Paris mobilizations and events connected to the upcoming climate summit from going forward -- including the massive march being planned for November 29th.
This is a heavy blow, especially for the many organizers who have been working around the clock for months to bring hundreds of thousands of people out into the streets of Paris. It's a heavy blow, too, because it makes our job -- of making sure this summit actually yields real, ambitious results -- that much harder.
While activists in Paris are revising their plans, it's up to the rest of us to kick it up a notch.
The Global Climate March -- which already consists of thousands of events, small and large, all around the world -- will continue. From London to Los Angeles, Quito to Quezon City, people are still taking to the streets.
Click here to find an action near you, or to start one of your own on November 28th-29th. There couldn't be a more important time to step up to the plate.
Organizers in Paris are still reeling from Friday's terrible attacks, and now they're scrambling to figure out what they can still do to have an impact in the face of a potentially repressive security situation.
We need to speak up for activists in Paris, who are struggling to be heard. Those of us who can mobilize, must. The Paris Climate Summit is still a crucial opportunity for world governments to send a signal that the world is moving away from fossil fuels. In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that the world needs this sort of global cooperation urgently.
Even as climate change contributes to conflict around the world, this summit is an opportunity for us to come together and finally grapple with the scale of the problem we're facing. Unfortunately, that's not the sort of ambition that governments and politicians muster on their own. That's the sort of thing only mass social movements have the power to make happen.
You can help make it happen. Now is the time to find an action near you, or get one going with your friends and family.
Going to actions and protests -- even leading actions and protests! -- isn't just the domain of seasoned organizers. Most of the events already on the map as part of the Global Climate March are hosted by regular people -- people with jobs, families, and regular lives. The only thing that makes them particularly different is how much they're willing to take action for what they love.
Take action with us on November 28th-29th. Extraordinary times call for doing extraordinary things.
Yesterday's news was a setback, but we're not packing up and going home. Not by a long shot. This just means that we need to get louder everywhere.
I hope you'll help us do that.

Climate March in Oakland Saturday Nov. 21, 2015

Nirali Torres Photos Guatemala: Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas

Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk with Rigoberta Menchu

Photos copyright Nirali Torres

Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas
November 15th-19th, 2015

Thank you Nirali Torres for sharing these incredible photos with Censored News!

Rally for Leonard Peltier Washington DC Nov. 26, 2015

Urgent Support Needed: Apaches Oak Flat

Photo Christine Prat
Campers are needed this weekend, November 20, 21, 22, 23. November 20 and 21st are most needed!
Please consider spending a few days at Oak Flat to help ensure a constant presence of people who care for the land. If you go, please come prepared to support yourself fully, including staying warm during chilly nights.
After this weekend, we will continue the call for people to camp out at Oak Flat and offer support to those who have been there since February. In an effort to facilitate coordination of people heading to Oak Flat, we are reviving the Oak Flat Camping Calendar, publicly available here:
The RideShare site is also available here: Look up code Oak_Flat. Please spread the word about the calendar and RideShare site to help get people up to Oak Flat!
We also have a variety of volunteer needs that were discussed at the Tucson Supports Oak Flat meeting last night. Please let us know if you can help!
  • Tabling help in Tucson December 11, 12, 13 at the 4th Avenue Street Fair. If you can volunteer, please contact Cyndi at
  • Research help – we need volunteers to find out where Senator John McCain, Senator Jeff Flake, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, or Representative Paul Gosar will be making public appearances in Arizona, especially Tucson. You will need to follow their Facebook page and websites and report back to us. The goal is to identify opportunities for public outreach, protests, or demonstrations whenever these politicians are in and around Tucson. You can volunteer to track and report on one or more of them.
  • Commit to showing up! We want to develop a “rapid response team” which is a group of people who are committed to showing up for protests, demonstrations, or outreach events on short notice. Please let us know if you are willing to be part of this team and we will contact you whenever we hear about an opportunity to show that Tucson Supports Oak Flat by showing up in person for a brief demonstration or other event.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of the Arizona Daily Star or the Arizona Republic or any other Arizona newspaper. This is especially important right after a paper publishes any article on Oak Flat, the Save Oak Flat Act (HR 2811 or S 2242), or mining issues.
  • Volunteer to help with fundraising for Oak Flat.
Please plan to attend our next organizing meeting on Wednesday, December 16, 6:30pm, in Tucson - exact location is still TBD.

Thank you for all you do to support Oak Flat!

California Indian Film Festival: Pechanga and San Marcos



In the news: PECHANGA: Film fest spotlights Native Americans

California’s American Indian and Indigenous Film Festival caps off the three day event at Pechanga Resort & Casino on Saturday, Nov. 21.
Riverside Press Enterprise
By Stephanie Schulte
With a name change to California’s American Indian and Indigenous Film Festival, Proudfit, the event’s executive director, hopes that this year’s attendance will triple the 800 festival goers from the first year.
The festival, presented by The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at California State University San Marcos, runs on campus Thursday, Nov. 19, and Friday, Nov. 20, before finishing with a day of screenings at Pechanga Resort & Casino on Saturday, Nov. 21. Read article:

Michelle Obama, reach out to America's homeless children

There's plenty of homeless children in America, and it is never too late to make a difference

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

First Lady Michelle Obama, you could make a real difference in the lives of America's most neglected people, homeless children.
Why not go out and visit these children, like those who sleep on the cold concrete floor of storage units in Tucson when it rains.
Since your interest is in fashion, why not design some backpacks and shoes for homeless children, with knockout designs. Pack those backpacks with pencils and notebooks.
If you are really brave, why not create those Beluga whale bags we suggested, celebrating the Arctic whales which must be protected from oil drilling in the Arctic.
You can invite these homeless children to the White House if you want to -- but what they need is far more.
In the long run, these children who represent every race and color in America, need warm, safe housing and food. They need clothes that other children will not laugh at, and a place to study at night.
You don't have to look beyond the streets of America, or the dusty backroads to find them.
While billions are spent on war, these children wander through the streets of America with their clothes in black plastic garbage bags.
It is likely you do not see these children. You do not ride the city bus with them, or walk past the vacant lots full of weeds, where they live, camped on blankets.
Michelle Obama, it is never too late to make a difference in their lives. And while you are out, why not stop in at the cancer wards of the children's hospitals.
Your visit could bring something special to dying children.
It is not too late to be a real trendsetter.
In the end, perhaps you will discover the true design, the gift for the giver that is concealed within.

Faith Leaders Urge Governor Jerry Brown to End Fracking in California

Photo of Faith Leaders singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" at the State Capitol by Dan Bacher.

Faith Leaders Urge Governor Jerry Brown to End

Fracking in California 

by Dan Bacher 
Censored News

As Governor Jerry Brown was getting ready to portray himself as a "climate leader" at the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, faith leaders, environmental advocates, frontline communities and residents from across California rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento on November 12 to call on Brown to halt all dangerous oil and gas drilling practices, including fracking.

They urged Brown to "remember his own religious studies, the moral imperative for planet stewardship, and need for climate justice when heading into global discussions around fossil fuel extraction," according to a news release from Californians Against Fracking.

Brown has studied both Catholic theology and Zen Buddhism. After entering Santa Clara University in 1955, the young Jerry Brown left after a year. He then attended Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit novice house, with the intent of becoming a Catholic priest. Brown left the novitiate after three years, enrolling at the University of California, Berkeley in 1960,

Mohawk Nation News 'Speech at McGill'



Please post and distribute.
This is the speech made to “Demilitarize McGill” Conference at McGill University by kahentinetha, kanien’ke:haka Bear Clan, Nov. 19.  
MNN. Nov. 18, 2015. McGill is a fraudulent university built on our land with our money. We own McGill. As the legal directors, we will turn it into a university of peace. The board of governors represents those who orchestrated the theft of our land and funds. The foreign laws used to steal from us do not apply to living, breathing, flesh and blood free natural people like us who were placed here on ono’ware:keh by the natural world.
Ancestors! You told us to stay strong! So be it in our minds!
Ancestors! You told us to stay strong! So be it in our minds!
In 1827 James McGill got a charter in Britain to set up a college on tsionni’tsotiaken. The only true law is the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. The college was going bankrupt. Our Six Nations Trust Fund was “borrowed” with no intention of paying it back, to build this university.
James McGill, time to go!
James McGill, time to go!
On September 12 under Wampum 44 of the kaia’nere:kowa McGill University was given a Notice of Seizure. James McGill and John Molson and their buddies, on behalf of the Family Compact of Upper Canada and the Chateau Clique on behalf of Lower Canada, established corporate entities on our land without our consent to try to undermine our sovereignty. They are an artificial version of the 13 bloodline families that make up the CROWN.
We ask that McGill University cease and desist immediately the invasion, trespassing and exploitation of our territory; respect the teio’ha:teh as the basis of our relationship; and pay all monies past due forthwith, including 185 years of compound interest. The land and anything on it is ours. We asked to meet with the board of governors to discuss this in a peaceful manner. It appears the board of governors do not wish to move forward in a peaceful manner.
We made peaceful alliances with the newcomers according to the Great Peace of Montreal on August 25, 1701, based on the kaia’nere:kowa and teio’ha:teh.
Yep. it's University of Rotino'shonni:onwe!
Yep. it’s the University of Rotino’shonni:onwe!
In 1710 we the rotino’shonni:onwe initiated the first international world peace conference in London. [And you probably don’t know about this!] Belts were given to all 13 families. Peter the Great was there and the Russian peoples treaty belts are in safekeeping in the Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology. We hope to have a meeting in St. Petersburg to discuss the perimeters of the wampum belts. The Russian people remember. Grandmothers tell their children about the “INDIANS” in North America that have a law of peace.
When our chiefs came back from London, they told us, “They rely on the written word and that is how they will be judged”. We rely upon the wampum, which are displayed and re-examined regularly.
People, as smart as you are, you know you broke every treaty, contract or compact on ono’ware:keh, great turtle island. Everytime you broke your word. kaia’nereh:kowa continues to have jurisdiction over kanien’keh [Iroquoia] which covers the land occupied by the 49 families. 26.5 million acres in the US and 20 million acres in Canada. We never forfeited anything in any battle, nor did we ever relinquish any of our land or waters ever. We had alliances with our people from the Arctic to the tip of South America, which the Europeans tried to destroy. The McGill Alumni should be behind the rotino’shonni:onwe [Iroquois] on this issue. Their credibility and reputation is at stake until they arrive at the truth.
Governments are corporations which operate under commrcial law and law of contracts. Family Compact and Chateau Clique, run by these families to this day, got their charters to set up corporate businesses on our land because of their Masonic connections. We know that they do not return anything they steal unless they are forced. pyramid of power
The CROWN is the private shareholder of the corporation of Canada and all its sub-corporations, like McGill University. All your courts and major banks are private corporations owned by the same shareholders. All your government ID’s are in capital letters, meaning you are a corporation too, a fictional entity, owned by the CROWN. This means a trust/corporation is set up by the corporation in your name at your birth. The evidence gathered by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission proves these shareholders are guilty of genocide. They do not want to try themselves in their own private courts.
The CROWN has never been the king or queen of England since the establishment of the corporate body “City of London”. She is a figurehead for the CROWN and has authority over prime ministers through a Vatican knighthood called “the order of the garter”. When the Queen has to conduct business in the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar. Every municipality is owned by the same CROWN. The City of London is the financial arm. Washington DC is their military capital. The Vatican is their capital. The CROWN owns all three city states, which are in fact “the empire of the city”.
Queenie to McGill & Molson fams: "What! There's still some f-----g Mohawks around?
Queenie to McGill & Molson fams: “What! There’s still some f—–g Mohawks around?”
Students, you are paying fifty thousands dollars to get a piece of paper from this institution which is built on fraud, theft and deception. Your money is hiring private contractors to research and develop exotic weapons systems for the military industrial complex to carry out the genocide of the onkwe’hon:weh, the natural people of the globe. We see worldwide that governments are attacking their own people and conducting false flag operations for a pretend enemy, to create endless wars, completely violating the kaia’nereh:kowa.
False flag girl seen in Montreal. Disaster ahead!
Watch out, Shit Mayor, False flag girl seen in Montreal. Disaster ahead!
The Family Compact and Chateau Clique started the private corporate scam here. They hoped that free people with good minds would die off. We were not informed that we were going to be dispossessed of our funds with no intention to pay it back. The empire declared they privately own the entire world. McGill and Molson went to the city of London to set themselves up here. They incorporated the City of Montreal in 1832 with a municipal charter from the city of London. Montreal is an artificial entity owned by the CROWN. All corporations get their ISO numbers from the CROWN, which makes them sub-corporations of the CROWN. All of you with Canadian identifications in capital letters are a corporate entity, owned by the CROWN. You are born indebted and enslaved to the CROWN.
Speaking of Montreal, did anyone smell the putrid violations of our river kanianarowano:onwe by the corporation of Montreal? The river is part of our community. Some of you listening to me right now have some solutions in your mind. Share it. This is the power of the one mind, the greatest power on earth.
On October 7 a Notice of Objection was sent to Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre to not dump 8 billion litres of raw o’tah, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other pollutants  into kaniatarowanen:onwe, our river. Teio’ha:teh is the legal basis by which you live in the settlement known as Montreal.
According to Wampum 44, the kahtihon’tia:kwenio [women] are the “progenitors of the soil”. The rotikonso’tatie, our coming faces, have the legal title to all the land of kan’ien:keh. The CROWN has no authority over our land or us. Their only authority is over those who vote in their system. The Mayor as an agent of the CROWN of Canada and Quebec breached their obligations under the law of the land. human civilization
“our law is committed to establishing world peace by protecting our mother on her, within her and above her. Kanien’keh has been violated by criminally dumping poisons which will kill life and disfigure that which survive. Water, the sacred life sustaining liquid, has been made into a weapon of mass destruction”. Resources must be allocated immediately to correct this environmental disaster.
McGill owes us almost $100 billion interest for the money they stole from the Six Nations Trust Funds. What happens in your Admiralty matrix when a creditor has not been paid? We are putting you on notice we want this debt paid in full now. We are stopping this system of private property by the Family Compact and Chateau Clique who actually own nothing. If they don’t make it right, we will use every method available to us to get what is rightfully ours. If the board of governors continue operating without our oversight, and delay meeting with us, the true owners, the more they risk their own jobs.
People left. Montreal returning to natural beauty.
People gone. Montreal returning to its natural beauty.
We want the military industrial complex kicked off of tsioni’tiotiaken immediately. kaia’nere:kowa explicity provides that you will never get peace when you are dabbling in war. McGill will be the first university in the world to offer the kaia’nere:kowa, the counsel of the great peace, as an accredited course in its curriculum.
A community comes to peace when everyone refuses to allow anyone into their community who has anything to do with war, including violations of land, water, air, everything in the natural world, including the people.
We have the responsibility of following the direction that the kaia’nereh:kowa has set for us, and that the direction is what we should be following. The law of the land is the law of creation, not man-made law, and it is intended for everyone.
As the great Alvin Lee sings what we would like to do: “Tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are no rich no more. I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do. So I’ll leave it up to you”.
Water song, womens power song.
MNN Mohawk Nation News or more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] for original Mohawk music visit
Any effort or action by you to set up a meeting with the McGill Board of Governors or to stop this filthy dirty criminal practice of shitting in the river is appreciated. Give the corporate matrix your views: Mayor Denis Coderre,; David Heurtel, Quebec Environment Minister,; Environment Canada, 1-800-668-6767; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 515-277-6020, 613-995-8872. SUZANNE FORTIER, McGill 514-849-4179; Geoff Molson 514-398-0333.

'Thangs Taken' Natives Rethinking Thanksgiving Nov. 22, 2015 Berkeley

Family and Friends,
Do you have a child, niece or nephew, student or friend who would enjoy hearing an Ohlone Hummingbird Story or learning a traditional Wampanoag Duck Dance? Have you told them about the all new Thangs Taken for Kids and Families?

Do you want to hear the latest from #apachestronghold about the movement to protect Oak Flat in Arizona or the newest track from Lakota emcee Nataanii Means? Have you bought your ticket to Thangs Taken: rethinking thanksgiving?

Don't wait! Tickets are flying for the 8th Annual Thangs Taken: rethinking thanksgiving this Sunday, November 22nd at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. Get yours now!

Thangs Takenrethinking thanksgiving
Featuring Corrina Gould (Chochenyo/Ohlone), Hartman Deetz (Wampanoag),Nataanii Means (Lakota/Navajo), Three BellsWitko (Oglala Lakota), Almas FronterizasIndigenize (Dine-Navajo), Oceania Coalition of Northern California and more.
Live silk screening by Rafael Moreno and Bobby Fuentes
Hosted by Lakota Harden and Ariel Luckey
Sunday, Nov 22, Doors at 6:30pm, Show at 7
$10-$25 Sliding Scale
La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Get your tickets HERE!

And new this year! Thangs Taken for Kids and Families!

Stories, Songs and Fun Activities for elementary school-aged children and their families featuring Corrina GouldHartman Deetz, and Kanyon Sayers-Roods(Costanoan Ohlone/Chumash). Join us as we make Corn Husk Dolls, learn a traditional Wampanoag Duck dance, hear Ohlone Hummingbird stories and more!
Sunday, November 22, Doors at 9:30am, Show 10-11am 
$5 for kids, $10 for adults and $15 for families
La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Get your tickets HERE!

Thangs Takenrethinking thanksgiving is an annual cultural arts event that brings artists, activists and communities together to explore the complex history of Thanksgiving and to acknowledge the legacy of U.S. colonialism and genocide against Native Americans. Produced by the Free Land Project and curated and hosted by Ariel Luckey, Thangs Taken features live music, dance, film, spoken word poetry, hip hop theater and visual art installations from Native and non-Native artists. Grounded in grassroots activism, Thangs Taken also features leaders from local social and environmental justice organizations to provide information on current campaigns and concrete ways to take action in the community. With the arts at the center, people from diverse backgrounds gather to engage in critical dialogue and to stand in the power of our collective ability to create a world based in peace and justice that we can truly be thankful for. To learn more, check out thisVIDEO!

in gratitude,

Ariel Luckey