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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mohawk Nation News 'Syracuse Showdown Sept. 20, 2016'



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MNN. Apr. 24, 2016. Jones v. Parmley #98CV374 [FJS][GHL]: The rotino’shonni [Iroquois Confedracy] pro-se plaintiffs of the incident that happened on Onondaga Territory on May 18, 1997 are ready to go to trial. Attached will be the “Orders on Motions” we are expected to prepare without lawyers.
Get out of our way. We gotta get to Syracuse!
Get out of our way. We gotta get to Syracuse!
Our civil, human and sovereign rights were violated. Over 100 people, mostly women and children, met on private property to get an update on the taxing issue that NYS was trying to impose on all onkwe’hon:weh in New York State. Also a spiritual tobacco burning ceremony was going to be conducted. Following that we were to have a picnic for all the families. Without explanation or warning, at 3.00 pm the NYS Police marched in force and physically assaulted and arrested many of us.
Subsequently, a judge advised NYS that they would lose the trial and that they should offer us a financial settlement. Everyone has to agree on the settlement. 20 of us rejected their financial/non-disclosure settlement offer. Now the trial must proceed.
The jury trial is set in Syracuse NY. So far we are doing it ourselves. It looks like we could be victimized again through procedural wrangling.
The court has asked us to provide a list of witnesses. We are expecting to call: Robert Batson, Albany Law School 518-445-2311;
Lawrence S. Roberts, Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 202-208-7163;
Sally Jewell, Secretary, Department of Interior,
Washington DC;
Ward Churchill, author, “Agents of Repression”;
The Commander in Chief in 1976.
The Commander in Chief in 1976.
Former US President Bill Clinton, 212-348-8882;
Ollie Gibson, %Onondaga Chiefs, 315-492-1922;
Doug George, NYS informant;
Lou Grummet, NYS;
Oren Lyons, 3951 Route 11, Onondaga Nation Inc. Nedrow NY 13120 315-492-1922;
Brig. General William C. Martin % President Barack Obama;
Steve Newcomb, Author, “Doctrine of Discovery, Unmaking the Domination Code”;
Irvin Powless Jr. %Onondaga Chiefs, 315-492-1922;
Bill Starna, Oneonta University, 607-436-3389;
Former NYS Governor George Pataki, 914-348-1764;
Elliott Spitzer former Attorney General NYS;
Justice Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court on the Lara decision;
All pre-trial submissions are due August 16, 2016. A final pre-trial conference is set for September 8, 2016. The judge is Frederick J. Scullin Jr., Sr. US District Judge.
Judge Scullin, Everybody's gotta know everything!
“Judge Scullin, the truth will prevail!”
Our men, women and children were physically assaulted. It was not just a lack of cultural sensitivity among the rank and file of the NYS Police. It showed deep seated systemic hatred.
Court disclosures show this was premeditated and abuse of power by State officials.
The existence of an “Indian detail”, using deadly force and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] training and equipment violated State Police standards. It appeared to be racial profiling, discrimination and failed [and unlawful] State “Indian” policy.
'Sure, it's a lot of work being a double agent, but you get TWO retirement plans!'
‘Sure, it’s a lot of work being a double agent, but you get TWO retirement plans!’
Coercion, undisclosed offers and covert dealings what seems like improper conduct by attorneys and others have been part of this case.
We don’t want our children, grandchildren and generations beyond to be subjected to this kind of treatment ever again. Our people had a right to be there. As a Tribe Called Red reminds us, “They have to kill us because they can’t break our spirit”.
[Burn Your Village to the Ground].
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Mohawk Nation News 'Poor Poor Quebec'



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MNN. Apr. 24, 2016. Quebecers arrived here uninvited with nothing. We took pity on them and helped them survive. They started torturing and killing to steal everything from us. They want us to forget all this.
Quebec sales tax collectors: Quebec tax collectors: Wow! Their war canoe got us!
Quebec tax collectors: “Wow! Their war canoe got us!”
In their system notorious child murderer Karla Homolka did her time under their law for testifying against her partner Paul Bernardo. The corporate system forgives her and protects her. She and her children live in our midst in Chateauguay. That’s their business. In our way, she would have a scar on her face so everyone would know she had been banished for her crime.
There were many people in Chateauguay that spewed out hatred against us in the 1990 Oka Crisis. They burnt our effigies, denied food and other necessities from coming in. They demanded military intervention.
'You'd make a perfect tax collector. They're always looking for bloodsuckers.'
‘You’d make a perfect tax collector. They’re always looking for bloodsuckers.’
The millions of our people abused by the visitors is our business. We, our parents, grandparents and ancestors are affected by what they did to us. Today many of our people are quiet. So-called religions have infiltrated our longhouses like Handsome Lake, which teaches pacification and that a white “god” will fix everything. This violates the teio’ha:teh/two row wampum and kaia’nere:kowa/the great peace. We have to fix everything ourselves.
They're going to get kick out again soon.
The beggars will just have to leave ono’ware:keh?
Our shortsighted cutthroats, like Joe Norton and Andrew Delisle Sr. and their corporate band/tribal councils have set up the illegal oppressive taxing regime just announced with “privileges” confined to Kahnawake. They’re feathering their own beds by willingly cutting their own children and grand children’s throats. They don their INDIAN costumes to pose with the white politicians who honor them for being traitors to their own people. They overlook the fact that our ancestors never relinquished anything above, on or below the ground or that she will always be our mother.
The band and tribal council’s benign consent allows our children to be murdered, raped, assaulted, kidnapped by law enforcement in towns like Val d’Or, Lac Simon, Barriere Lake, Attawapiskat, and so on… They help plan and put into affect the CROWN’s programs of genocide. mohawk defy
The colonial settlers apologize to us for their brutal crimes. The responsible parties – the church, RCMP, government and corporations and ordinary people – are never held accountable. The Jews never forgave Hitler. We are expected to forgive our butchers who deny us life and human rights.
Homolka’s crimes will eventually be systemically forgotten just like they are trying to make us forget their crimes against us. Their atrocities are unforgiveable and we won’t forget!
We will stop being “loaf around the fort” card-carrying INDIANS. We are getting out of our POW cages and will stop allowing their human trafficking of our people. ayn rand
Without killing us, stealing our resources and lying about it, where would Quebecers or all illegal occupiers be? Poor and pitiful.
Linda Ronstadt sings about what happens to those who want something for nothing: “Well, I met a boy in the Vieux Carres, Down in Yokohama. He picked me up and he threw me down. He said, “Please don’t hurt me, mama. Poor, poor pitiful me. Poor, poor pitiful me”.
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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, %The Privy Council, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA, UK 1-212-906-0001
Governor General of Canada,
Premier of Ontario,
Hon. Beverley McLachlin, Supreme Court of Canada, 301 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0J1 613-995-4330
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All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development, Forum on Africa);
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,
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Zapatistas' Statement: 'Cowardly Betrayal of Indigenous Community of San Francisco Xochicuautla'

San Francisco Xochicuautla, Lerma, State of Mexico – July 8, 2015 – From June 18 to July 7, 2015 the indigenous community of San Francisco Xochicuatla, Lerma was besieged by workers of the company “Autovan S. A de C. V”, who are permanently guarded by state police—staff of the state government and ministerial police.

Joint Declaration of the CNI and EZLN on the cowardly betrayal of the Indigenous Ñatho community of San Francisco Xochicuautla


The National Indigenous Congress (CNI) declares itself in maximum alert following the cowardly betrayal of the indigenous Ñatho community of San Francisco Xochicuautla, municipality of Lerma in the State of Mexico, in order to implement the highway project Toluca Naucalpan, as well as after the assault on community police in Ostula. We call upon all peoples, organizations, and individuals in solidarity to be attentive and to heed the call made by the community of Xochicuautla.
We denounce that:
On Monday, April 11, at 9am, over 1000 state police from the State Commission for Citizen Security (CES) and the Action and Reaction Forces (FAR) began to enter the community from three directions: through the Buenavista neighborhood; via Cuauhtémoc street to the “Lampeni” location; and to “Lapondishi,” the site of the Encampment for Peace and Dignified Resistance, which was then destroyed by the police forces.
Located in “Lampeni” was the house and patrimony of compañero Armando García Salazar, the uncle of David Ruíz García, a National Indigenous Congress delegate who attended the exchange between the CNI and the EZLN in August of 2014 in the Zapatista community of La Realidad. Some 25 people, majority women, gathered inside that house to defend the property. As they were evicted by police using excessive violence, the 64-year-old compañera Isabel Hernández, part of the Supreme Indigenous Council, was pushed and thrown to the ground. She had a little girl in her arms at the time.
Officials accompanied by police delivered a paper to compañero Armando informing him that his house was on federal property and that it would be destroyed. They also showed him the expropriation order, for which he had already won a legal reprieve (amparo).
Without another word, they then physically pushed the people out of the house, also throwing out belongings located on the first floor, but leaving inside documents, clothing, and work tools.
Once again the bad government demonstrated that the laws that supposedly represent the so-called rule of law are mere tools of dispossession that are honored only when they can be used against the people. This eviction and repression violate the legal reprieve granted in the amparos 1123/2015 and 771/2015 on February 15, 2016. The majority of authorities were notified by the courts of these amparos on February 23, including the SAASCAEM, the institution awarded the Xochicuautla’s territory in the expropriation order.
In addition, on Sunday, April 10, compañeros of the Santa María Ostula community police were attacked in the vicinity of San Juan de Alima, Michoacán. Community member Francisco Grajeda was killed and community member Abraham Girón wounded when they were shot at from a moving vehicle. Girón is the community’s commissioner for the National Indigenous Congress and was a participant in the exchange in the Zapatista community of La Realidad.
We denounce the attempt by the bad government to minimize this crime, through which they intend to promote the return of violence to the Sierra Costa region of Michoacán and put its territory, natural resources, dignity and peace back into the hands of narco-politicians and their paramilitaries, assassins, and companies.
We make an urgent call to the peoples of Mexico and the world to express solidarity with the actions in defense of the rights of San Francisco Xochicuautla, either by physically going to the community or mobilizing wherever you are to denounce and demand the cessation of aggressions against the community, its territory, and its inhabitants.
We hold Eruviel Avila Villegas and his boss Enrique Peña Nieto responsible for the wellbeing of our compañeros and those who show solidarity with their dignified struggle.
APRIL 12, 2016

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