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September 6, 2017

Native Americans Protest Trump in North Dakota During Trump's Refinery Promotion Visit

Climate change is everyone's concern -- Resist without fear! was the message of Native Americans in North Dakota
Photo by Khannie Saengphachanh Tobacco
Photo by Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle

Photo by Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle

Photo by Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle

Photos and videos by Linda Black Elk, Sara Juanita Jumping Eagle, Waste Win Young, and Khannie Saengphachanh Tobacco
Article by Brenda Norrell
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During President Trump's visit today to North Dakota, in promotion of a refinery, Native Americans brought the message of healing, and the vital message of the reality of climate change, as hurricanes and wildfires devastate the continent.
Linda Black Elk urges people to stand up and not be afraid. Take a stand for climate change, she urges.
"Resist. Resist Genocide with us."
This isn't just about Dakota Access Pipeline, Enbridge or the others.
Today, Trump supporters were spewing hate at Native American women who were present.
"Stand up against the hate," Black Elk said.
Black Elk said the people here have been working tirelessly to send supplies to the Gulf Coast, hit by Hurricane Harvey, and to those who are victims of wildfires in Montana.
Speaking of the resistance that began in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, Black Elk said the people here are multi-taskers working together.
Black Elk explains why the people here are standing against Trump.
Black Elk said Trump pulled us out of the climate agreement in Paris.
As Native Americans gathered to speak out for Mother Earth, clean water, clean air, and sacred lands, she said, "Can't you all see that our Mother is angry right now?"
Waste Win Young, Lakota and Dakota from Standing Rock, was among the Native women who took a stand today.
Waste said they were yelled at, and there was even a tree branch thrown at them.
Waste said, "We held our own today. We made our stand. Wopila to everyone who came and stood! Baby steps. We can change the world."

Linda Black Elk says they brought a healing message today, but others did not. Watch video above.

Earlier today:

Photos below by Rob Wilson. Thanks to everyone who shares with Censored News.


Carl said...

Linda ... Love your comments. Prayers are with you all as you continue your resistance.

Unknown said...

There were two words missing from the signs/poster referring to Trump during his shameful visit to Bismark.
(A) Narcissist.
(B) Vulgar.
(C) Misogynist.
He has no respect for any person who is not rich, educated or of his same skin color, yet his family are all from Immigrants who invaded the Americas and herded all the indigenous Native Americans onto, what they claimed, was waste land. Until the White Man found Gold, Silver, Uranium, Oil/Gas and other minerals and just took them without any compensation or if they did the tribes never got the money and this is till held by the US Government-which is shameful.