August 2020

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Friday, June 5, 2020

McKinley Mutual Aid volunteers an inspiration as coronavirus claims lives of elderly in county

Inspiring youth volunteers at McKinley County Mutual Aid.

Sixty loaves of fresh banana bread!

The inspiring work of volunteers at McKinley Mutual Aid continues this week, as the county is experiencing the highest rate of elderly deaths from the coronavirus in New Mexico.

Article by Brenda Norrell
Photos by McKinley Mutual Aid
Censored News

GALLUP, New Mexico -- The volunteers at McKinley Mutual Aid are an inspiration, delivering care packages this week with fresh homemade banana bread. The weekly care packages are reaching those most devastated by the coronavirus here, the elderly.

Christopher Hudson said, "We got a call last week from McKinley Mutual Aid that they had some bananas that might be of use to some awesome baker out there. They must of know my mom makes the best banana bread and had been ready to help her community. After a couple of hot nights, she was able to turn some of those bananas into her amazing bread. This week those tasty breads will be an added treat going out in some care packages to our community in need. She says, "They are ABC delicious and yummy for your tummy, enjoy."

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