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June 21, 2021

AIM West KPFA Radio: Percy Casper Survivor of Kamloops Residential School

"My heart is tattooed forever."

Percy Casper, Shuswap Nation, was incarcerated before he was five years old. Percy describes the holocaust and genocide of 10 years in Kamloops Residential School, where 215 Native children were found buried in a mass grave. Percy said it was a labor camp and children were abused at night. The children who never made it home come to him in his dreams. Listen to Percy's interview with Tony Gonzales, AIM West, on KPFA Radio. -- Censored News

Article by Tony Gonzales
AIM West
Censored News


In this KPFA radio segment “Across Indian Land” on La Onda Bajita Friday night show, Livestream, I interviewed Percy Casper, Shuswap Nation, BC Canada, who gives testimony having lived and survived 10 years in Kamloops Residential School where recently 215 bodies were found in a mass grave! Percy Casper is survivor of Residential school, Vietnam veteran, and Wounded Knee 73’.

Also, in the program is a talk with Frank Washington of Thoroughfare, Virginia. Frank’s small community is besieged with development, and their historic family cemetery burial sites is being threatened, one bulldozed already!

The burial sites include African (including former slaves) and Native American graves that need our protection! DJ Banks and the AIM Long Walkers once received hospitality by the Hanson family ranch there in Thoroughfare, and are much obliged to now hear their call!

Tune in!

Tony Gonzales
Host, “Across Indian Land”
AIM West


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