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June 27, 2021

Annual Run4Salmon Virtual 2021

Chief Caleen Sisk

By Run4Salmon
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June 25, 2021, Mount Shasta, California--On the heels of being internationally recognized this year by the United Nations as a viable indigenous-led solution to the multitude of climate challenges California is facing, the annual Run4Salmon Prayer Journey of 300 miles is going virtual again in 2021 to ensure COVID safety.

While the Winnemem Wintu Tribe will continue this journey privately, the tribe is inviting the public to join them in the prayer safely through participation in their online events and sharing their own bike, walk, or run for the salmon on social media.
While Run4Salmon raises awareness about the threats to Winnemem Wintu lifeways, salmon, and waters, the prayer journey seeks to celebrate resilience and inspire hope in all people about the possibility of restoring the endangered Salmon runs in California and throughout the world.
The McCloud River was named one of America's Most Endangered Rivers this year due to the threat of a proposed enlargement of Shasta Dam and expansion of Shasta Reservoir.

Sacramento River Chinook salmon, already an endangered species, are further threatened by warming waters, and by the massive Delta tunnel project, which could divert billions of gallons of fresh water out of the Sacramento River.
Under the leadership of Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, along with a collective of Indigenous women, activists, and allies have carried out the Run4Salmon 300-mile prayer journey between the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and the Winnemem Waywacket (McCloud River) in California for the past five years.

Run4Salmon follows the ancestral path that the Chinook salmon took before Shasta Dam was completed in 1945 along California's largest watershed. This year, with the help of the First Nations Development Institute and the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health, Run4Salmon is taking extra precautions to be COVID-safe:
-Only a core group will participate physically, and they will relay the event to the public using social media. The public is invited to participate from their own communities, including identifying & blessing their local waterway, engaging in Run4Salmon social media and completing and sharing the Educational 'Mini-Lessons' and Curriculum found on the Run4Salmon website,
Follow @Run4Salmon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to participate!
Run4Salmon 2021 Schedule:
— June 26-July 3: Run4Salmon Teach Week
Join us online as we share highlights and activities from the Run4Salmon Mini-lessons each day at 8am PDT on Facebook and Instagram. Great for families, educators, and EVERYONE!
— July 9: Run4Salmon 2021 Begins
— July 25: Run4Salmon 2021 Ends
Run4Salmon organizers are doing their part to be good relatives by sharing the CalHOPE RedLine to provide peer support and resources for Indigenous communities impacted by COVID-19. The CalHOPE RedLine is a phone, chat, and video chat service providing National, State, and County resources, referrals, and trauma-informed support for Native communities throughout California Tribal populations. These include resources related to COVID-19, social services, financial resources, and more. Call: 1-888-368-4090 Text: 916-252-5002 Live Chat @:
Phone & online interviews about Run4Salmon are available & encouraged. Contact to route your interview request to the direct contact.

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