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June 30, 2021

Zapatistas Delegation Celebrated in Streets of Merida, Spain: 'La Lucha Sigue!'

Screenshots from livestream by Censored News.

Zapatistas Delegation Celebrated in Streets of Merida, Spain, 'La Lucha Sigue!'

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MERIDA, Spain -- With the shouts of "La Lucha Sigue!" -- The Struggle Continues -- and the sounds of marching drums, the Zapatistas delegation was welcomed in Merida, Spain on Wednesday evening. From the train station, then marching in a grand parade through the streets, supporters carried banners and gave an extraordinary welcome to the Zapatistas who arrived in Vigo, Spain, after crossing the Atlantic on the sailing ship, "The Mountain."

Estremadura reports:

A moment of one of the events in the Plaza de Santa María in the capital of Extremadura.

The welcome was held at the train station, where around 100 people were waiting for them, mainly from Mérida, but also from other areas of Extremadura. The Zapatistas appeared dressed in their usual costumes, but this time with a mask to hide their face instead of a ski mask. After the reception, a parade began through the center of Mérida led by those sent by the EZLN and with different banners, where they insistently chanted “Zapata lives, the fight continues”, “no to the mines, yes to life”, “ Long live the women's struggle "or" Long live the struggle of the working class. "

During this activity, of a festive-vindictive nature, more people joined until they reached the Plaza de Santa María, where the presentation of the tour was held. At that time there were already more than two hundred people who filled the square, among which you could see some coming from Portugal, all this despite the narrow time frame of the call (it was made public the day before).

The event was presented by two women who performed a vindictive clown show. Then the groups that have participated in the organization, among other Ecologists in Action, Mujeres Sembrando, La Algarroba Negra, the Platform for Refugees (Badajoz), CNT Extremadura, etc.

After that, the Zapatistas appeared, some of them doing it in their own language, from the small stage in the plaza; one by one, until reaching seven, and receiving great applause for each intervention.

Later there was space for dance and musical performances (such as those of the rapper Angie Cuadritos, the rapper Vila, etc.) and for poetry, with the poet Eladio Méndez . Even for an a cappella version of Damn Elections, Damn Socialists by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio.

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Meanwhile, in Germany, protests are underway demanding that the government of Mexico release the passports of Zapatistas arriving by air. The airborne Zapatista delegation is stalled in Mexico City because the government has delayed issuing their passports.

Photo by Ya-Basta-Netz

The Zapatistas Delegation in Spain plans to travel forward to cities in Spain, and then to Paris, in the upcoming days. Basque are among those preparing to welcome The Tour for Life.

Caracol Extremedura organized the event today and shared the news that the delegation of Zapatistas are arriving to present the tour of Europe that at least 150 Zapatistas will carry out starting this July.

Mérida is representing the south of the country. It is one of the four Spanish cities chosen by the Zapatistas for this presentation of the European tour. For this reason, it is expected that people from Andalusia and Portugal are attending the event, as well as international journalists.

Before leaving for Paris, the Zapatistas plan to continue through Spain to the Cities of Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. The event in Madrid was filled to capacity within 15 minutes of announcing reservations.

Supporters gathered today at 18:00 to welcome Zapatistas at the train station. Then, the parade was underway to the Plaza de Santa María, where the presentation of the European Tour, called "Tour for Life" took place. The event included musical performances by Extremadura artists.

Screenshot by Censored News

Dinner is underway this evening at 10:00 p.m. in the San Antonio park (park next to the Roman Bridge, in the San Antonio neighborhood, polygon area). This will be the only event in southern Spain prior to the Tour.

Screenshot by Censored News

"The choice of the city of Mérida is due to the work that dozens of Extremadura activists have been doing for months," Caracol Extremadura said.

The event has been organized by Caracol Extremadura ("snail" in reference to the Zapatista communities in the Mexican jungle), a collective that brings together to the local groups of Extremadura that have been preparing support for the Tour for Life for months, as is the case in the rest of the autonomous communities and in the more than 20 European countries where the tour will pass, the announcement states.

Screenshot by Censored News

Watch video of livestream on Facebook at: Caracol Extremadura

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