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Monday, August 2, 2021

Native Attorney Tara Houska Shot with Rubber Bullets and Jailed by Enbridge's Sheriffs' Deputies

Photo Tara Houska

Native Attorney Tara Houska Shot with Rubber Bullets and Jailed by Enbridge's Sheriffs' Deputies

Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Updated Aug. 6, 2021

THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minnesota -- Native attorney Tara Houska was shot with rubber bullets and jailed by Sheriffs deputies, bought and paid for by Enbridge and its dirty crude oil.

Tara has just been released from jail after brutal attacks on Water Protectors near Red Lake in northern Minnesota. Water Protectors are defending the rivers from pipeline construction by the Canadian corporation Enbridge and its dangerous tar sands crude oil on Line 3.

"People were shot in their faces. I saw a young woman's head get split open right in front of me," Houska told Democracy Now.

During the brutal arrests, Sheriffs deputies shoved and smashed Water Protectors faces down into the dirt. At least 20 Indigenous water protectors were arrested in Minnesota over the weekend during protests against the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline.

"The level of brutality that was unleashed on us was very extreme," Houska said.

Pennington County Sheriff's deputies based in Thief River Falls, with Sheriffs deputies from throughout the state of Minnesota, have targeted, abused and jailed Native Water Protectors -- grandmothers, women and youth -- during the past week.

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Minnesota police have billed over $1.7 million to account set up by Canadian company building Line 3 pipeline -- Peace Brigades International

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