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October 26, 2016

LIVE: Sacred Ground Camp braces as police convoy lurks Wed. Oct. 26, 2016

Photo by Joye Braun, on the front line.

KILI Radio photo. Now from the front line.

Red Warrior Camp Alert: 12:30 pm

The water protectors were given an hour notice to disperse. That hour is now over. It is being reported that the protectors are being slowly surrounded by highly militarized law enforcement.
Our elders and spiritual leaders have put up alters the protect the water and our People. The prayers are strong and our warriors' hearts will not back down. We are asking for prayers and support! The time is now! Please come to the frontlines!
Rev. Jesse Jackson and actor Mark Ruffalo are on the front line.

Strip searches of underage girls, water boarding and hooding, 
torture by police of water protectors on the front line

Live update Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016 at dawn

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
On the front line, Vic calls out for support. It is a cold, foggy morning at the new camp
directly on the path of the pipeline construction.
"We are standing here to protect our water," Vic said, describing the large
convoy of police that is staging nearby.
"No matter what, we are going to protect our water."
Standing in the area where the people were attacked with vicious
dogs, and later over 140 were brutally arrested,
He said the main kitchen has shut down, and everyone is on their own for food now.
Some kitchens are feeding others.
"We need the hunters to bring us food. There are no guns here."
"We are brave people, we are Lakota people."
"Everybody here is brave."
Vic said in the jails, they saw the police constructing
cages, like dog cages, which they are building to put them in, because
there are not enough cells.
He said his niece, who is underage, was arrested and strip searched
five times.
"Why are they doing this to us?"
The people have been hooded, and water poured over them
all day in the cold by the police.
"It is not an armed struggle, it is a peaceful struggle."
"What kind of government goes against its own people?"
"It's about money. It's about who makes the most money, the fastest."
He said it is hard to stay, and not go home to warm beds.
There are women, children, elderly, standing here to protect the
"Use this new technology to get the word out."
He said at High Star Camp, they need meat for the kitchen, wood to stay warm on
high alert at night, and water.
He said it would be a sad day if the government comes
to remove a peaceful people.
"We have many different colors of people standing together."
"We need the tribal governments to stand up and help us."
Many of the warriors were up all night last night, on high alert.


UNICORN RIOT -- The situation here is escalating quickly. Police and military are staging a few miles down the road from where the water protectors have set up barricades. People here are preparing themselves both physically and mentally as they expect a raid by authorities at any moment. There is now a no-fly zone over the area. Police are targeting journalists and taking our equipment and footage. Multiple militarized police checkpoints surround the frontline camps and are screening vehicles driving in and out of the area. Helicopters and planes circle the camps continuously gathering geospatial intelligence. The various camps are digging in and preparing for colder weather as warriors defend the barricades from an impending attack at any moment. Unicorn Riot intends to document whatever happens next on the frontline when the police and military return.

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Anonymous said...

This is an amazing powerful video that must be shared! Take the time to watch and listen! Thank you, Water Warriors, for standing up for our people against the mercenaries, government agents and DAPL! As a Nation, we will not surrender! Too much has been taken from us for centuries. The time has come to make a stand!NODAPL!! NODAPL!!! NODAPL!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart, prayers go out to you water protectors. I pray for the dapl people that they may be touched by spirit that the security law enforcement and governments be touched by spirit to awaken and see. I pray for the animals who suffer from the spills and die of the hands of these destroyers i pray that the familes associated with these people be touched by spirit so they may awake. I ask creator all my ancestors all the ancestors of the world to come. They need to hear it in their language. Speak the language of your people and ask them to come and help. They do not understand the non native language. They have been here longer then the non natives. Awake now and come guide or people and show them what is needed to be done to help heal this earth to help cleanse it and to stop the destruction of our people animals and life. Aho ~Eiram Amron~

Anonymous said...

Love, light, smoke and prayers coming from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Continuing calls to the powers that be. Another monetary donation for wood is coming. Sharing this. Continue to stand strong. Aho mitakuye oyasin. ♡♡♡

LaundryPrncss said...

i am with you. i am always with you. i will never leave you.

Anonymous said...

I dreamt of internment style camps for processing arrests much for peaceful protest AGAINST BIG OIL... disgusted ««««~

Anonymous said...

An all white reindeer was seen in Sweden. And white deer in WI.

Anonymous said...

Read that Ladd Ericsson, McLean County Prosecuter isn't fit for office. He files charges against journalists to intimidate and silence them. The state of North Dakota is willing to stick its neck out and bend over backwards & jump up & down for the pipeline company spending taxpayers $$ foolishly. The water protectors are peaceful so all the police had to do was arrest people who were willing to be arrested for their beliefs. How simple is that ? North Dakota doesn't need tanks to arrest citizens who have decided to be arrested ! How ridiculous are the police, prosecutors, & judges in North Dakota?
Is North Dakota some backwoods, racist, Indian hating, piece of corporate real estate that didn't get the memo that the USA has a constitution ? or do they think they can just take a crap on anybody or everybody that they want to ?
The citizens of ND are being tricked.
Another example of ND throwing $$ away (Millions$$) on the rich when ND should spend on what citizens need, home weatherization, prescription medicine coverage, doctor bills, food, housing, daycare, education.
If Energy Transfer pipeline Company wants all those millions $$$ in tanks, planes, helicopters, military, to push their project through INSTEAD of going to court, then Energy Transfer should pay for it.