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August 31, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'All Aboard! Last Train, Last Plane'

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Mohawk Nation News

Listen to audio at MNN: 

MNN. August 31, 2021. US, UK, Canada and their EU-NATO henchman are scrambling out of Afghanistan in haste. They had 8 days to get out. Everybody is tired of their lying, cheating and stealing. The Taliban now possesses over $2 trillion in military equipment left behind by the war mongering psychopaths.


The Taliban has more weapons than any country in the world at the moment: 75,000 vehicles, 200 planes and choppers, 600,000 small arms and lightweight weapons, night vision goggles, body armor worth $85 billion, Black Hock helicoptors worth billions, medical supplies, bio metric devices which finger prints, eye scans and contains complete biographic information on all their traitors. President Biden announced that the US has no plans to go to Afghanistan to get this back. “No American will be killed by any of these weapons!” said he.

August 30, 2021

Water Protectors document escalating police brutality in Minnesota

Water Protectors document escalating police brutality

August 29th, 2021

At the end of June the police and criminal justice systems in Northern Minnesota began an escalating and punitive assault on water protectors engaged in non-violent resistance against the Line 3 pipeline. By mid-August this escalation reached the level of torture.

After almost 7 months of ongoing resistance against active construction of Line 3, on June 23rd three water protectors who had locked down to a Horizontal Directional Drill boring under the Straight River were charged with felony theft. Since then nearly 100 water protectors have been charged with felonies and assigned bail amounts ranging from $10,000 -- $50,000 without conditions, and up to $25,000 with conditions.

Zapatistas in Switzerland: Fighting the Capitalist System

Zapatistas in Switzerland: "We are seeing that they have that courage and courage to fight against anyone and overthrow the capitalist system"

Posted by: POZOL COLECTIVO August 29, 2021 

Zapatistas in Switzerland: "We are seeing that they have that courage and courage to fight against anyone and overthrow the capitalist system"

By Free Media or whatever they are called

Free Media Video: Siamo Tutte Antifasciste: Zapatistas en Suiza / Von
Chiapas, Über Rojava in Die Welt.

BASEL, Switzerland -- August 30, 2021 -- A Camp for Life and a protest march took place this weekend with the active participation of the EZLN maritime delegation and around five hundred anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, anti-colonial and internationalist activists who are fighting in Switzerland and Europe, being speakers of Swiss German, Spanish, French and Italian among other languages ​​such as Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic. While Squad 421 was visiting agroecological cooperatives near Geneva and Lake Geneva, about fifty people emerged and set up a large camp on Thursday 26 August in a park in the border town of Basel (Basel, Bâle) in Switzerland, to one side of the river Rhine that divides France and Germany from the Helvetic Confederation.

Mohawk Nation News 'Trudeau Calls Election. Don't Vote!'


Mohawk Nation News

August 30, 2021



Audio at MNN:

MNN. Aug. 30, 2021. Whenever polls suggest they can win, they call an election.

Canada just dissolved Parliament and called an election. Canada wants to operate for another four years so they can operate for another four years after that. 51% majority rules voting system is ‘corporatism”. It means they can control the 1% with money. All countries doing this are ‘corporatists’.


'Laberinto Yo'eme' premieres: Yaqui battle corporations as water and land defenders are kidnapped and assassinated

Meals for Relatives: Lakota volunteers cooking again as COVID surges in Rapid City

Photo Rebecca Kidder

By Rebecca Kidder
Meals for Relatives 
August 29, 2021

August 29, 2021

O'odham Voice Against the Wall releases new report exposing violations of Elbit spy towers

Elbit spy tower surveillance on Tohono O'odham Nation. Photo by Ophelia Rivas

Elbit spy destruction on Tohono O'odham Nation. Photos by Ophelia Rivas

Elbit spy tower destruction on Tohono O'odham Nation. Photo by Ophelia Rivas

New report details violations of human rights by Elbit Systems

Article by Brenda Norrell
Photos by Ophelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham
Censored News

O'odham Voice Against the Wall demands a halt to the destruction and surveillance underway by Israel's Elbit Systems on the Tohono O'odham Nation and an end to the militarization by the U.S. Border Patrol, in a new 81-page report released to the world today.

Ophelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham and founder of O'odham Voice Against the Wall, describes the militarization on her homeland and the devastating impact of Elbit System's integrated fixed towers.

August 26, 2021

Ophelia Rivas: In solidarity with Yoeme and Zapatistas: Words to Indigenous Peoples Conference in France

Ophelia Rivas photo by Jason Jaacks
Ophelia Rivas: In solidarity with Yoeme and Zapatistas: Words to Indigenous Peoples Conference in France

Ophelia Rivas, exposing the abuse of the U.S. Border Patrol and Israel's Elbit Systems surveillance towers on her homeland, the Tohono O'odham Nation, told the Indigenous Peoples program in Nantes, France, on Wednesday, she stands in solidarity with the Yoeme (Yaqui) warriors in Sonora, who have been kidnapped and assassinated, and the Zapatistas. Speaking by teleconference with the gathering, Ophelia said the construction of the spy towers disrupted burial places.

By Ophelia Rivas
Censored News

O'odham means people, Tohono means desert, we are desert people. Our vast homelands became occupied by the Republic of Mexico and the United States of America. The International boundary displaced O'odham in the two countries.

The foreigners imposed a census, to count and number each person, they imposed education that removed children from their families, they imposed family separation to try and dismantle our culture.

Now they impose immigration laws on the first peoples, physical violence, detainment, arrests and deportation.

The O'odham VOICE Against the WALL started as an organization when it witnessed the armed military called the border patrol force my elders, all from ages 60 to 80-years-old,  were forced to their knees with heavy weapons pointed at them, and asked to produce proof of citizenship in a language the Elders did not understand.

Water Protectors Block Line 3 with Aerial Structure Never Before Used in Western Hemisphere

Water Protectors Block Line 3 Pump Station with Aerial Structure Never Before Used in Western Hemisphere

By Giniw Collective
Censored News
August 25, 2021

SWATARA, Minnesota -- This morning, Water Protectors erected an aerial blockade in front of a Line 3 pump station, the kind of good trouble that has inspired over 700 people to be arrested standing up for Mother Earth in northern Minnesota.

August 25, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'Total Defeat of U.S., Canada, NATO'



Mohawk Nation News

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AUDIO: Listen at MNN:

MNN. Aug. 25, 2021. Summation: The Taliban fought off the entire colonial world. Justin Trudeau goes into election sidestepping the elephant in the room, the just found unmarked graves of indigenous children. Indian elite traitors are happy with Trudeau. Millions of orange t-shirts everywhere, one for each found and unfound native child genocided and murdered by Canada.

August 24, 2021

Indigenous Peoples Program in Paris: August 25 -- 27, 2021

Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham, and Michelle Cook, Dine' attorney and founder of Divest Invest Protect, join Zapatistas and  global Indigenous during presentations on Wednesday. Ofelia will speak on border militarization and Israel's Elbit spy towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation. Ofelia and Michelle will join by teleconference, as travel posed too much risk at this time.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES PROGRAM - The CSIA-Nitassinan at the Summer University of Social Movements and Solidarities / Nantes 2021

by CSIA-Nitassinan

The CSIA-Nitassinan at the Summer University of Social Movements and Solidarity / Nantes 2021

Original in French:

The Summer University of Social Movements and Solidarity takes place every two years. It is organized and supported by many French organizations from the social movement. This event aims at exchanging, debating and sharing militant experiences over several days by crossing the views and thoughts of a wide variety of movements. The movements of solidarity with indigenous peoples, in the forefront of which is the CSIA-Nitassinan, naturally find their place, especially with the help of the IPAM Network.

Dineh Philmer Bluehouse 'The pandemic is a time of paradigm shift, signals need for peace and balance'

Phil Bluehouse passed to the Spirit World

We are very sorry to share with our friends the news that our longtime friend Phil Bluehouse passed to the Spirit World on August 22. During his struggle with COVID in recent weeks, he posted on social media about his stays in the hospital, and his recent return home. Phil said he was vaccinated, and looked forward to getting ready for winter, just days before he passed. Our condolences to his family and friends, and all who learned from him. Phil, who created the Peacemaker Court on the Navajo Nation, and was a Dine' traditional healer, shared his thoughts here on Censored News about the virus and was a guest on Tiokasin Ghosthorse's First Voices Radio during the summer of 2020. We share with you this recent video of the building of a sweatlodge for women, Water Protectors, and universal healing.
-- Brenda, Censored News

Photo: Louise Benally of Big Mountain with Phil Bluehouse. Watch video.

May 2021: Sweet Medicine Ta'Chéé Sweat Lodge. "Thank You! Roberto Nutlouis and Dzil Yijiin Crew, Philmer Bluehouse, and Louise Benally. Built for women and Water Protectors to heal. Dedicated to the late Dineh forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Amanda Cook Zivic who spent her life understanding and healing the intergenerational wounds of the mind, body, and spirit." -- Divest, Invest, Protect.

Dineh Philmer Bluehouse 'The pandemic is a time of paradigm shift, signals need for peace and balance'

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Dine' Phil Bluehouse says this pandemic is a time of a paradigm shift for society and Dine' have the narratives to bring about peace and balance.

Bluehouse, who developed the Peacemaker Court, speaks of the need for peace, unity and healing. Serving in the healing process, Bluehouse does not refer to himself as a medicine man. He said his role in healing is to lead people to find their own healing and peace.

Speaking of the Hozhooji Nanitiin (Dine’ traditional teachings) Bluehouse said the Dine’ way of good health and well-being is the way of balance and peace.

“We are going through a paradigm shift. Humanity is going to have difficulties from here on out. There is going to be a lot of suffering," Bluehouse said in an interview with Censored News.

Dozens of Indigenous Peoples and Allies Blockade Line 3 Man Camp, Continuing Fierce Ground Resistance

Dozens of Indigenous Peoples and Allies Blockade Line 3 Man Camp, Continuing Fierce Ground Resistance
August 23, 2021
By Giniw Collective

BACKUS, Minnesota --  This morning, nearly 30 Water Protectors locked to multiple blockades in front of a Line 3 man camp, drawing awareness to several sex trafficking rings busted during Enbridge’s invasion of Anishinaabe treaty territory to construct its tar sands expansion project.

Over 700 Water Protectors have been arrested to date, with pain compliance, rubber bullets, and mace used on unarmed Water Protectors in recent weeks.

Drought conditions continue across northern Minnesota, with strict water restrictions in place and extreme fire warnings throughout the Northland. Enbridge received approval to pump 5 billion gallons of water out of Minnesota’s watersheds to build Line 3.

Enbridge is responsible for 28 chemical spills into rivers and wetlands during construction thus far, including the headwaters of the Mississippi River multiple times.

John Shimek, Red Lake Ojibwe, said, “This fight is about my children, their right to harvest wild rice and enjoy these lands as I have. I’m here with my Indigenous relatives from all over Turtle Island and I’m honored they’re here to stand with us. People must be brave, the world is burning.”

Siihasin, Diné said, “I believe in defending and protecting the water, the non-human relatives, the wild rice. I am in solidarity with Anishinaabe and Dakota peoples. Line 3 impacts all life in these territories — we must take action to defend what is sacred.”

Giniw Collective is an Indigenous-women, 2-Spirit led frontline resistance to protect our Mother, defend the sacred and live in balance. We stand unafraid. Prayers into action. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @GiniwCollective

August 23, 2021

'Only 500 Years Later: Words of the Zapatista Peoples'

Zapatistas Camp in Switzerland August 2021

Zapatistas Maritime Delegation in Madrid, Spain, August 13, 2021. Photo Boltxe


Madrid Aug. 13 Photos 2,3,4 video screenshots by Censored News


Now in Farsi: Autonomy, Self-Reliance and Dignity in Resistance. As the Zapatistas delegation that arrived by ship from Chiapas journeys through Europe, with an upcoming gathering in Switzerland, the latest communication is now available in Farsi, the Persian language. Along with the original in Spanish, 'Apenas 500 años después,' there are now global translations in: Deutsch Übersetzung (Alemán) Traduzione Italiano (Italiano) Ελληνική μετάφραση (Griego) Nederlandse Vertaling (Holandés) English Translation (Inglés) Traduction en Français (Francés) and فارسی (Farsi)

Only 500 years later
Words of the Zapatista Peoples

August 13, 2021

Sisters, brothers, hermanoas:

Compañeros, compañeras, compañeroas:

The Zapatista communities speak through our voices.

First, we would like to express our thanks.

Thank you for having invited us.

August 22, 2021

Watch Now Free! Six Native Films 'New Mexico is More than Desert'

New Mexico is More Than Desert

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

From the White Mountain's 'Apache 8' women firefighters, to Laguna Pueblo's 'Grab' day of food giveaways and 'Return,' the renewal of ancient foods of Santa Clara Pueblo and beyond -- there's incredible cinematography and storytelling in the six Native films now streaming.

'Metal Road,' isn't about heavy metal, its about the Dine' who built the railroads. Share in the heart-warming stories of Dine' artist B. Emerson Kitsman who returns home to Tohatchi in 'A Return Home,' and the Navajo and Hopi cross country runners in the canyonland high country in 'Racing the Rez.'

'Return: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit,' shares the voices and foodways of Santa Clara Pueblo, Tlingit, Muckleshoot, Oglala, Menominee, and Seneca.

August 21, 2021

Rev. Jesse Jackson and wife Jacqueline hospitalized with COVID

Rev. Jesse Jackson and wife Jacqueline hospitalized with COVID

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife were both hospitalized with COVID, AP reported late today. Rev. Jackson was vaccinated.

Rev. Jesse Jackson was on the frontlines with Standing Rock Water Protectors on Oct. 26, 2016, as shown in the photo above by KILI Radio. Read more from this day at Standing Rock at Censored News:

AP Chicago reports, "The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a famed civil rights leader and two-time presidential candidate, and his wife, Jacqueline, have been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19," according to a statement Saturday.

"Jesse Jackson, 79, is vaccinated against the virus and received his first dose in January during a publicized event as he urged others to receive the inoculation as soon as possible. He and his wife, 77, are being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago."

“Doctors are currently monitoring the condition of both,” according to the statement from Jesse Jackson’s nonprofit, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition."

“There are no further updates at this time,” the statement said. “We will provide updates as they become available.”

August 20, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada and U.S. are Traitor Dumping Grounds'

Posted on August 21, 2021

Listen to audio at MNN:

MNN. 21 Aug. 2021. The Taliban in Afghanistan, defeated the Americans in an un declared war. Canada did not declare war on the indigenous when they set out to murder millions of our people and children for our land and resources.

The Taliban defeated the so-called NATO super powers of the world, Britain, Soviet Union and U.S. Now they refuse to have diplomatic relations with the victors, except for China. The Afghans wanted the Americans out and never accepted foreign occupation.

No war was ever declared on us on turtle island. Therefore, there was no conquest, no surrender. and no defeat in battle, let alone a war. We never gave up anything. Canada is not sovereign. It’s a a resource extraction corporation with private shareholders which will soon be dissolved for being genociders. Like the indigenous of turtle island Afghanistan is sovereign.

August 19, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'Trudeau Calls for More Genocide'


Posted on August 17, 2021

Mohawk Nation News

Listen to audio at Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Aug. 16, 2021. The C.C.C. ‘CANADIAN CORPORATE CITIZENS’ need a change to their systemic violence against all onkwehonweh. It is the only way they will arrive at the true system of justice and truth that our culture has provided since time immemorial on turtle island.

The war for our land continues. The settler colonialists only way to ever experience true freedom is to accept kaianerekowa, the great peace. Nature is being violated by trying to annihilate us.

August 18, 2021

Water is Life Music Festival

 Watch video from the livestream:

Honor the Earth said, "Keith Secola has been playing his music and supporting Honor the Earth and #StopLine3 for years. Musicians donated their talent and time for the first annual Water is Life Festival #waterislifefestival #Line3 tar sands #pipeline resistance is led by #indigenous resistance. Photo by @keripickett #duluth #minnesota #lovewaternotoil "

August 16, 2021

Zapatistas Listening Walk in the Unsubmissive Lands of Europe Below

The EZLN's Listening Walk in the Unsubmissive Lands of Europe Below

By Medios Libres or whatever they are called 

Published in Camino al Andar

August 15, 2021.

Those from above didn't believe them capable, but those from below gave it their best shot. "Vientos compas. ¡Qué chingonas son!", you can hear around in the continent formerly known as old Europe. In short, five hundred years of rough experiences of racism and resistance were summed up in listening to the seven "one hundred percent Zapatista" voices of the first Zapatista grassroots delegation to Europe. The maritime outpost of Squadron 421 is composed of Comandanta Carolina and Comandanta Ximena, Lupita, former local and regional youth coordinator, Yuli and Marijosé, former trainers of autonomous education promoters, and Bernal and Felipe, former members of the Good Government Councils. In the face of the European noises and ears, he gives us as an example his own way of walking, listening, in silence, when the sound of his word resurfaces, as announced on October 5, 2020 by the spokesperson Subcomandante Moisés, who will go to tell the people of Spain "that they did not conquer us. That we continue in resistance and rebellion" (Part Six: A Mountain on the High Seas, EZLN). 

Water Protectors Continue to Resist, Blocking Active Work at Line 3 Construction Site

Water Protectors Continue to Resist, Blocking Active Work at Line 3 Construction Site

Giniw Collective
August 16, 2021

PARK RAPIDS, Minn. -- This morning, four water protectors locked to each other and to machines, halting work at an Enbridge Line 3 worksite near Hay Creek, Minnesota.
The action comes as the latest in a long arc of fierce ground resistance in the Line 3 fight; over 700 Water Protectors have been arrested to date.

Drought conditions continue across northern Minnesota, with water restrictions in place in numerous municipalities. Enbridge continues to pump water for its tar sands pipeline, now turning to city aquifers, including Park Rapids.

Mohawk Nation News 'Afghan Band Council Flees'


Mohawk Nation News

AUDIO Listen at MNN:


MNN. Aug. 16, 2021. The “band council system” is the Western empire building system of enslavement. In Canada, The band councils – the CCC – “Canadian Corporate Chiefs”, violate 100% of our sovereignty to steal our land and resources, were set up by the invaders. In Afghanistan thousands of traitors work in the American embassy. Over 30, 000 soldiers’ protect the US invaders. The Afghans who support the invaders have their hand out for money and favors.

Today the Afghan traitors are fleeing because they committed treason against their own people. They helped the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands to commit horrors. Western interests have always tried to subdue Afghanistan. Historically the Afghans are known as the “graveyard of empire”. No one has ever beaten them. Like Vietnam, the British, Japanese, French and United States were all driven out in disgrace. Many NGOs were sent in to create divisions. The band councils were set up by Canada to divide us and set us up for the genocide and murders. They betray us just like in Afghanistan.

Yaqui Bacum Pueblo: Kidnapped Men Remain Missing

Photo: Facebook / Carmen García de Aldama)

Yaqui in Bacum Pueblo, in the orginal homelands in Sonora, south of the Arizona border, went for a cow for a traditional feast one month ago. They were kidnapped and remain disappeared after being overtaken by men on motorcycles with long guns. During an initial standoff with the kidnappers, a minor and two women were released. Later, an adult and minor, who were badly injured, the victims of violence while being kidnapped, were released, Infobae reports. Yoeme (Yaqui) families said before the men were kidnapped, the Mexican Army invaded their Bacum community and planted drugs. They point to the mining companies, who are creating fear, following the discovery of lithium in Sonora, and the long battle over a gas pipeline. This comes after the assassinations of Tomas Rojo in nearby Vicam Pueblo, and other Yaqui water and land defenders. Years of a courageous highway blockade in Vicam Pueblo opposed an aqueduct for the City of Hermosillo, which continues to steal Yaqui River water. Meanwhile, little support, or news coverage, is coming from the United States. -- Censored News

No answers: one month after the disappearance of 10 people in Yaqui territory

This August 15, the National Search Commission will join the families of the victims and traditional authorities in the missions to find the 10 men still missing.

By Infoebae
En Espanol
August 15, 2021

They left for cows for the traditional festivals of their town, but they did not return (Photo: Facebook / Michelle Rivera)

The Yaqui people, located in Sonora, have been one of the most affected historically. Their activism to protect natural resources, as well as the violence that has arisen by drug trafficking groups and the lack of participation by the authorities, place these people in a vulnerable situation.

To such a degree has come the forgetfulness of this community, that this August 14 marked a month since the disappearance of 10 members of this nation, who simply left for cattle for the festivities that take place in the region, but never returned.

It was on July 14 when 15 people, seven Yaquis and eight from outside the community (but who carry out buying and selling activities) left the Yaqui Loma de Bácum community, in southern Sonora, heading to the ranch known as Agua Caliente to bring cows to the traditional festival of Bataconsica.