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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Tells a Story: US Torture and Leonard Peltier

This photo tells a story of US torture and the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, two of the issues that the US State Department attempted to ignore during the first-ever US Periodic Review on Human Rights at the United Nations on Friday. Photo: Political prisoners rally at the Democratic National Convention in Denver 2008/Photo copyright Brenda Norrell

AIM-West hosts 42nd Anniversary of American Indian Movement

Contact: Antonio Gonzales 415-577-1492
P.O. Box 410534m San Francisco, CA

AIM-WEST hosts 42nd Anniversary of American Indian Movement (AIM)
Photo: AIM-West 2009 San Francisco/Antonio Gonzales, Lenny Foster and Clyde Bellecourt/Photo Brenda NorrellAIM-WEST is host to the American Indian Movement (AIM) International Conference, celebrating its 42nd anniversary in San Francisco, November 22-26, 2010. The conference will be held at San Francisco City College, 1125 Valencia Street, Mission Campus (and 22nd St. near 24th St. BART station). Please check the website for additional locations and activities during the week.

The theme for this year’s annual gathering is “Climate Change Affects All My Relations!”. The conference will focus on Land, Sovereignty and Self-Determination for all Indigenous peoples. At last year’s annual conference Mr. Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of national AIM, addressed the general assembly and proclaimed an international conference be held in an effort to re-energize and establish AIM communities, strengthen chapters and affiliates, and to struggle for unity. Efforts are underway to strategize and coordinate with AIM support groups a national campaign calling on President Obama to grant Executive Clemency and immediately release our brother and Elder, Leonard Peltier, held in prison 34 years today.

This year’s annual conference will be an opportunity for friends of AIM to join together in solidarity with other Indigenous speakers, inter-tribalism, representative of the Western Hemisphere and Pacific region, sharing related issues of concern for the protection of Mother Earth. Among the highlights, or focus of the conference is to develop strategic plans, alliances and networking together in the following areas; Climate Change, Green Economy Conversion for Sustainable Futures, Food Sovereignty and Security, Impact due to Mining and Mineral Extraction, Sacred Sites and Religious Freedom, Health and Obesity and Diabetes, Immigration, Institutional Racism, Youth Gang Prevention and Cultural Healing, Political Prisoners and Leonard Peltier, BIA and Federal Tribal Disenrollment, Treaties and Agreements, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Everyone is invited to dinner! AIM-WEST annual Eagle invites the Condor, an “Unthanksgiving” feast will be held Wednesday, November 24th. The program begins at 12 noon until 6pm at the Bahai Center, 170 Valencia St. in San Francisco with a ceremony and blessing, dance performances, special guests, and national AIM speaker Clyde Bellecourt.

Please bring food to share! Mark your calendar now when is best time for you to attend and participate! Drummers, Singers, Youth groups, Students, and NGOs are welcomed. Elders and children, too! J The week’s schedule of activities will be posted on website
Volunteers can reach Laura at 415-410-8475. Of special note: AIM-WEST will sponsor a concert performance on the last day of the conference, Friday November 26th in recognition of US Federal Proclamation statement by President Obama, designating the day after Thanksgiving as “Native American Heritage Day”.

The AIM conference is webcast daily on Availability of housing, or if you have space, an extra rm call Benny @ 415-200-6591 or Felipe @ 925-219-2303. Wheel-chair accessible. An alcohol and drug free event.