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July 15, 2012

The News, according to Twitter, July 2012

Twitter Photo: 'Mexico: Anonymous is here'

While the mainstream media is on life support, tweets break news in real time

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Updated Monday, July 16, 2012

New! Skype bug is sharing your messages with random people:

If you’re not getting your news from Twitter, here’s some of the breaking news stories that you’re missing today.

Anonymous saving the Arctic
Anonymous continues its own Save the Arctic campaign by hacking Shell, Exxon, BP and other mining companies. They gave a shout out to Sweden Anonymous.
We know we’re going up against the most powerful countries and companies in the world. But together we have something stronger than any country’s military or any company’s budget. Our shared concern for the planet we leave our children transcends all the borders that divide us and makes us - together - the most powerful force today.”

US drought, largest natural disaster, means Arizona crooks want to steal more Navajo water
The US has declared more than half of the US a disaster area due to drought. It is the largest natural disaster ever. It is another reason that most of Arizona, while watering lawns and golf courses in the desert, is trying to steal more Navajo water.

US spies on its scientists, so FDA can continue dangerous scans for cancer
The US government continues to spy on scientists, journalists and anyone who gets the truth out. The New York Times exposed the fact that the FDA spied on its own scientists, reading their e-mails to journalists, President Obama, and more. The scientists were alarmed that the FDA ignored dangers of breast and colon cancer scanning equipment:
CBS News:
New York Times

Military and Congress want to stop news leaks, to continue secrecy and crimes
Here’s a profound document you’ll want to read for yourself, posted by Wikileaks, regarding news links and targeting New York Times: ‘US Army Colonel statement calling for investigation into Julian Assange, atlso attacks Assange and Woodward.’
Testimony to Judiciary Committee, US House of Representatives:

Facebook is spy central
Just in case you’re still delusional about Facebook, there’s a couple of new articles. Facebook is spying on your chats, just to make sure you’re not planning a crime. Also, it will soon make public to the world the group pages you are visiting. As always, Facebook saves everything, even your private chats.

US ICE official at border sentenced, another assists drug cartels
The widespread corruption in US agencies at the border continues. The former intelligence chief of ICE, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has been sentenced for fraud. Also, in Nogales, south of Tucson, Reuters reports that a former ICE agent in Arizona was sentenced to 30 months in prison for accessing police databases and passing on sensitive information to family members with ties to Mexican drug cartels.
"Jovana Deas was accused of illegally obtaining and disseminating classified government documents while working as an ICE special agent in Nogales, Arizona, a city on the border with Mexico. She was also charged with obstruction and lying to investigators."

US drones overhead, US no longer uses drones solely for targeted assassinations
And finally, there's always news on drones on Twitter. The US isn't just using drones for targeted assassinations in other countries. Now in the US, police departments and universities are using drones to spy on you and track you:
Rabble wins today's headline award for this one: 'Obama's drone attacks and Tuesday death club'

Drones, Raytheon and Monsanto, poisoning Indian country
In Tucson, on Tohono O'odham land near the airport, the University of Arizona coopted the Tohono O'odham Nation into a drone making venture, which O'odham human rights activists protest. As with the other most detrimental corporations in Indian country, Advanced Ceramics changes names and owners, breaking it into parts, to avoid detection and accountability. Yes, that's the same Advanced Ceramics that the Pascua Yaqui Nation earlier cancelled the contract with.
This drone maker continues to be one of the most censored news stories in Indian country, along with the Raytheon Missiles factory located on the Navajo Nation's commercial farm, Navajo Agricultural Products Industries, NAPI, near Farmington, N.M., where farm crops are grown and sold for products including potato chips.
NAPI also boasts on its website of using Monsanto genetically-modified seeds. Monsanto seeds are now being protested and burned by most Indigenous communities around the world. Among the many hazards, is the fact that genetically-modified seeds -- through cross pollination -- will destroy traditional Native seed crops. --Censored News

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