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July 25, 2012

UNA Supports the Ohlone and Danzantes Ceremony to Rebury and Heal Indigenous Remains at UC Berkeley

Wicahpiluta (Ohlone), Danzante Azteca, and Wounded Knee.
Photo credit: Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia
Press statement
Posted at Censored News

United Native Americans Inc., founders of the Native American Studies Program, returns to UC Berkeley to support the ceremony to rebury Indigenous ancestral remains. The Ohlone and Danzante Ceremony represents the Prophecy of the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South.
UNA thanks Wicahpiluta Candelaria, Wounded Knee, and the Danzante Azteca for the organizing the Healing Ceremony.
We ask UC Berkeley to stop the Hate Crimes toward Indigenous People and return the ancestral remains in order to give them Healing and Respect.
The remains are housed in the Phoebe Hearst Museum. Here is information on the legacy of the Hearst Family:
* The Hearst Museum is housing 13,000 skeletal remains of the Ohlone People, along with over 300,000 indigenous artifacts, making it one of the largest holders of remains outside of a cemetery.
* George Hearst, husband of Phoebe, father of William Randolph, and creator of the Hearst Corporation, illegally mined in the Sacred Black Hills, creating the Homestake Mine, the largest gold mine in the Western Hemisphere. Adjusted for inflation, the Homestake Mine extracted over $60 Billion in gold alone.

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