Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 4, 2012

Forest Service issues citations to Winnemem Wintu for ceremony

Chief Caleen Sisk is issued citations today.
Photo Winnemem Wintu
Breaking News update from Winnemem Wintu at their Coming of Age Ceremony:
Posted at Censored News
Winnemem Wintu's statement:
"After our lawyer had left this morning, the Forest Service came into the campground and wrote Chief Caleen Sisk two citations: One for violating the special use permit and for using the motorized boat to take elders across the river.
"The officer couldn't tell her why she had violated the permit."

Please contact:
Tom Tidwell, Forest Service Chief
"Respect the Winnemem's right to ceremony!"
See videos of Day 1, 2 and 3 at Censored News:


OEgrafixguy said...

Not surprising at all that they waited until attorney Lauren Regan and some security personnel had left to descend on our encampment and issue the citations. What was the second one for? One motorized boat was supposed to be a part of the original permit. What is the name of the USFS "official" who issued the citation and where is his office? If they want to draw this out, I am willing to keep forging solidarity and fight this. These officers must not have heard how this land was stolen from the People in the first place. Without a permit, I'm quite sure.

Emily said...

I have heard too many times the last couple years of the total abuse of power from our public servents in the USFS...we must stop this abusive tyranny. This type of ceremony shoud never require a permit....we must not sit still for this any longer. Please do not sit still...calll your senators etc now!!!