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July 8, 2012

Yankton Dakota and Pine Ridge Lakota 'Life on the Rez' TV Tuesday

  • Message from Faith Spotted Eagle:
    Please check out the trailer for the broadcast on Tuesday, July 10, at 9 pm CST for interviews on Yankton and Pine Ridge for positive things we are doing. I am praying that it will be culturally relevant. They came to film our Brave Heart work during the First Kill Coming of Age ceremony for our young men. It was conducted by my son Kip Spotted Eagle Collins. You can repost the trailer, it is from the OWN page, Oprah Winfrey.  Thanks.
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Native American stereotypes are alive and well: extreme poverty, high teen suicide rates, and alcoholism. We meet the people who are seeking both modern and traditional solutions to give the next generation a fighting chance at a brighter future
Tune in Tuesday, July 10th at 10/9c for this all new episode of Our America on "Life on the Rez."
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