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July 25, 2012

OAKLAND: UNA demands return of Ohlone Land during Obama's campaign stop

United Native Americans demands the return of Ohlone Land during President Obama's campaign stop at the Foz Theater in Oakland, Calif

By United Native Americans
Press statement
Posted at Censored News

French translation
President Barack Obama spoke at the Fox Theater during his re-election campaign in Oakland, California. United Native Americans joined over 100 protesters to demand President Obama honor his word and respect indigenous people, starting with the return of land to the Ohlone people. Protesters invited President Obama with a burning American flag.
UNA President Quanah Brightman spoke, saying, "Every inch of this land is stained with Indian blood. The land you are standing on is Ohlone Land."
"The Hoopa Tribe in Northern California is fighting a legal battle with PacifiCorp and the California Environmental Protection Agency to Un-Dam the Klamath River. PacifiCorp is owned my Warren Buffet, a major campaign contributor to Obama. The president has an obligation to respect indigenous people and the health of the ecosystem, and as such should instruct the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hold PacifiCorp responsible and shut down and remove the Klamath dam in order to restore the health of water and the salmon," says UNA Ambassador Hinhanska Haney.
The United States continues to violate over 350 treaties with American Indian Nations. United Native Americans demands President Barack Obama stay true to his word and honor the treaties.

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