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July 4, 2012

VIDEO: Forest Service turns closure against Winnemem Wintu July 2012

Day 3: Winnemem Wintu struggle to protect their Coming of Age Ceremony, July 2012.

(Video above) Winnemem Wintu, protecting their Coming of Age Ceremony, July 3, 2012: "Rather than spend energy interacting with boaters wanting to come up past our ceremony, the Forest Service law enforcement personnel chose to use the details of the closure order against our right to hold ceremony according to our needs."

Day 2: Coming of Age 2012

A young man denies being among a group of ten men in two pickups who intimidated a young supporter standing watch, and then using symbolic threats toward a tribal member.

Please support Chief Caleen Sisk and her nephew Arron Sisk, in their spiritual fast to get the BIA to meet with them. Please contact:
Amy Dutschke, Sacramento BIA Office,
(916) 978-6000 or (916) 978-6099
"Meet with Chief Caleen Sisk!"

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