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July 16, 2012

Randy Blakeley Photos: Honoring Water: Tributary Run from Warm Springs to Portland

Thank you Randy Blakeley for sharing your photos with Censored News!

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Monday, July 16, 2012
PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Tributary runners honoring water will reach Portland today from Warm Springs, and join the Peace and Dignity runners at the Native American Youth and Family Center, NAYA, in Portland.
During the first day of the run from Warm Springs, on Saturday, Manny Calapoo said, "Today the Tributary walk started from Warm Springs to Portland, with Mel Huey, Leo Hellon, Young Leo, Randy Boise, Jacinta Sampson, Hector Cerda, Randy Blakeley, Richard Wisebear and myself ran from Warm Springs to Frog Lake. Tomorrow we will make it into Troutdale."
Then, on Sunday, Manny said, "We're up and ready for another day of running. Yesterday was wonderful. All eight up, ran last mile together at reservation line.
"Today we will reach Troutdale, will meet up with Canoe family and camp with them," Manny said Sunday.
Today, Monday, runners will meet with the Peace and Dignity runners at NAYA. Directions:
Native American Youth and Family Center, 5135 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97218 • (503) 288-8177.
Jose Malvido posted this update from the Peace and Dignity Journeys on Saturday: Today, July 14, 2012 the Peace and Dignity Journeys Runners have been on the road now for two and a half months. The West Coast Group has crossed in to Oregon today and are running to Cowlitz and the Midwest Runners are running to the Red Lake Nation in Minnesota."

NEVADA: Peace and Dignity Journeys Pyramid Lake Schedule

§       MONDAY July 30, 2012-Runners arriving from Susanville  thru Flannigan, Sutcliffe, end at Nixon Tribal Gym @ 5 pm

§       TUESDAY July 31, 2012-Rest Day in Nixon

~Runners will visit Museum at 10am

~Lunch with Numaga Program 11:30

~Visit Pyramid Lake at 1 pm

~Community Potluck/Entertainment at 6pm/ @ Nixon Gym

§       WEDNESDAY August 1, 2012-Runners depart Nixon to Yerington

Nevada Route

July 30th- Susanville to Nixon = 92.5 miles

August 1st-Nixon to Yerington=74 miles

August 2nd- Yerington to Schurz = 27 miles

August 3rd-Schurz to Hawthorne= 30 miles

August 4th-Hawthorne to Tonopah = 104miles

August 5th-Tonopah to Beatty = 94 miles

August 6th-Beatty to Las Vegas = 118 miles

August 7th-Las Vegas to Moapa= 52 miles

August 8th-Moapa to St George= 75miles

For Information call Carla Eben 453-5710, Della John at 574-1000 or Susie Albright at 574-1050 ~RUNNERS NEEDED TO HELP REPRESENT NEVADA Food Donation Accepted for Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, Water, Drinks…
Peace and Dignity Journeys, northern routes 2012

This is only the northern portion of the run. There will also be runners who will begin from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. North and south runners will meet on November 28, 2012 in Guatemala.
The northern routes will connect near Mexico City before heading south.
Check back here for updates.

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