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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hickory Ground Poarch Creek 'Never Surrender' Ancestors Burial Grounds

Poarch Creek continue to defend burial grounds from tribal casino

Hickory Ground Poarch Creek were at Elmore County courthouse supporting Wayland Gray, Mike Deo, Mike Harjo, and a Cherokee from Alabama, "Maggot," in their court hearings today, Hickory Ground said in a statement.
Three of the ones arrested had their trespassing charges dropped. Wayland Gray was originally charged with terrorist threats and trespassing. The charges were amended to disorderly conduct after the Grand Jury found no evidence. Gray was offered a plea deal to plead guilty for disorderly conduct, in exchange the court would drop the trespassing charge and there would be no jail time, which carries up to three  months if found guilty. Gray, however, pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for trial on August 29.

On Monday, Hickory Ground members gathered to access the property at Hickory Ground.

Wayland Gray said, "They would not allow us in the fence and wouldn't tell us where the mass grave was located.
"They are cowards. When we got on the property a sudden wind came and started throwing debris off the building. A construction worker told us it tore up $4,000 worth of plastic off the roof. The creator and ancestors were with us. In the background is the towering monster they are building on our ancestors and sacred land.
"Never surrender," Gray said.
Gray said he is seeking support for "our War against the Poarch Creek Band Officials in Alabama that are desecrating our ceremonial ground and have dug up 56 remains and putting them in a Hitler style mass grave at the corner of the property so they can build their over $300,000,000 Casino Resort, Hotel, Bars, Retail Shops, Museum for the Artifacts and Funerary Objects to bring tourist from around the world is what they say.
"They also dug up seven chiefs out of the arbors then put them back and are building the casino around them. They must be stopped its a fight for all nations and nationalities cause if they win it will make it easier for developers in the future to build on everyone's sacred places and burials.we are calling on all nations, nationalities and countries to join us in this sacred and desecration war."
Gray's email is

Photos Navajo Action! Navajos pump CAP water, press end to dirty coal industry

Photos by Black Mesa Water Coalition


Photos by Black Mesa Water Coalition
Black Mesa Water Coalition said on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, "At 9 am this morning Navajo people dropped pumps into the Central Arizona Project's canal and began pumping water into buckets then into the back of a water tank in the back of a truck. We came to demonstrate that water can be pumped using solar power. We came to demand Power Without Pollution and Energy Without Injustice! SRP can transition NGS to Solar. Navajos want a Just Transition!" 
CONTACT: Enei Begaye, Black Mesa Water Coalition, 928.380.6296,
CONTACT: Raina T. Gearon, 915.342.2624,

 More: News article at Arizona Central:
Unique Demo in Scottsdale
Navajo Community Members to Pump CAP Canal Water with Solar Power
Event to press Navajo Generating Station owners for transition from polluting coal industry on Navajo Reservation that has powered CAP pumps

WHEN: promptly at 9am Tuesday, June 18; Press Conference to follow at about 10am
WHERE: Scottsdale Soleri Bridge at the intersection Camelback Rd & Scottsdale Rd.
This Action will be followed by a Press Conference in the Scottsdale Fashion Square parking lot.
  • Navajo community members using a solar-powered generator to pump CAP canal water into trucks and barrels that Navajo Nation residents use to haul water on the reservation.
  • Colorful rally by dozens of Navajo tribal members and supporters with handmade signs and banners. Event slogan: Energy Without Injustice – Power Without Pollution
More than 50 Navajo Nation community members and supporters will park water trucks that families use on the reservation alongside the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal in Scottsdale today at 9am and use a solar-powered generator to pump water from the canal to the vehicles.
Tribal members are staging the demonstration to send a message to the owners of the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) coal-fired power plant near Page, Arizona that Navajo families want a transition away from a polluting coal industry on Navajo land that has powered CAP pumps for decades at the expense of residents’ land, health, water, and culture.
Major NGS owners include Salt River Project (SRP)(plant operator) and the U.S. government’s Department of Interior. Today SRP provides Arizonans less than 1 percent solar power.
The “Energy Without Injustice – Power Without Pollution” action demonstrates solar power as a solution. There is enough old mine land on Black Mesa to generate thousands of megawatts of solar energy, providing thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars for the regional economy.
Aging Navajo Generating Station (NGS) is among the most polluting coal-fired power plants in America and after decades of coal industry on Navajo Nation, many Navajo families have not benefitted; thousands still lack electricity and running water to their homes and haul water in trucks every week for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.

Livestream video will be available at
Images and video will be available after the event at and twitter@blackmesawc

Photos Oglala President arrested at White Clay protest

Photos by Andrew Ironshell
Oglala Lakota President Bryan Brewer was arrested on Monday, June 17, 2013, as he stood in solidarity with protesters against the liquor profiteers at White Clay, Neb., bordering Pine Ridge, S.D. Brewer was released Monday afternoon.
Video of arrest and message from President Brewer:
Thank you Andrew Ironshell for permission to share your photos.
Read more about police brutality at White Clay protest:

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