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January 13, 2015

Dineh Walking 'No Man Camps on Navajo Nation! No Pinon Pipeline!'

Journey for our Existence
Dineh Walking against Fracking
"This property is proposed to become a permanent man camp. With the oil boom comes man camps, with man camps, comes violence against women, prostitution, drugs and trafficking."
Read Grace Her Many Horses' account of the violence against Native Americans in North Dakota in the region of oil and gas man camps.
Lakota Country Times

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Lloyd Vivola said...

Excellent frontline journalism.

As to just why "most of America still cannot comprehend this information," well, America suffers from a severe addiction, a collective co-dependency to petroleum and other resource extractions that sustain an oil-dollar currency, a lifestyle delusion about abundance and scarcity, and with it a pathological blindness toward fossil fuel wars and all associated crimes against community and good health as spawned by this cancerous affliction. I mean, this is the drug war that people should be fighting. But the habit for so many is so hard to break, especially when the suppliers are so well positioned.