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January 8, 2015

On the Road to Chaco: Dineh Walking against Fracking

On the road to Chaco Jan. 8, 2015

Jan. 6, 2015 "Made it to Nageezi. We are being hosted by a family who helped us put up our tipi. We have food in our stomach and chizh on the way! Feeling so blessed and grateful. Áhxe'héé to the Harrison family!"

Dineh Walking against Fracking
The Journey for our Existence
Join them at Chaco campground tonight!


marcaeoloG said...

In a world of bad ideas, this is one of the worst. We are going to endanger a World Heritage Site for resources we don't need and shouldn't be using anymore?

Anonymous said...

Spirit of Freedom and Awakening
to the Dineh Walkers of Freedom for Mother Earth - so beautiful to see

So good to see all of you
showing the rest of the World --
many more succesful Walks and
Positive Action!

Dineh Nation Bans Fracking 2015.
For The People.

Petrol and Nuclear is out.

Hemp, Zero Energy, Free Energy,
Toxic and Extraction Free Energy have ALWAYS BEEN HERE!
Let's responsibly explore and open our minds (Nasu) -- Indigenous Consent!!!

Celebrating Cosmic Earth and Star Nations. Freedom means being responsible!