Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 27, 2015

Death by US police accelerates as media and ethical attorneys fail the people

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The US attempted to cover up the US police murders while testifying before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in May. The countries of the world made it clear that they knew the facts. 
Now, these police murders, and deaths in jail, are increasing -- at least the reporting of these is increasing. 
A judge has now ordered migrant children released from jail, which violated international law. The US attempted to cover up the fact that migrant children were imprisoned in the US, before the UN Human Rights Council. 
Also during the cover-up, the US representatives claimed that the atrocities of homelessness of US veterans, and failed services to veterans, particularly in Phoenix, had all been resolved. 
On the issues of drone assassinations, torture and spying, the US had few words to offer in the attempted cover-up.
It was disturbing to see that Keith Harper, Cherokee, led this cover-up testimony before the UN. His law firm received millions, a large portion, of the Cobell settlement. 
As for those receiving Cobell checks, many Native Americans still do not know if when they cashed those checks if they were being paid for royalties owed for their land, or if by signing the checks they were giving up their Native ancestral lands. 
Both the news media, and ethical attorneys, are failing the people in these battles for justice. Particularly in Indian country, the national news media has collapsed into plagiarism and fraud, with reporters at Native news websites deceiving their readers into believing that they are out covering the news, when they are actually staying home and plagiarizing and rewriting others hard work. 
Where are the ethical attorneys who can expose the facts of the Cobell settlement? 
Where are the ethical attorneys who will bring justice for those who are victims of police racism and violence?

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