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July 11, 2015


From Owe Aku:  The Apache Stronghold Convoy in NYC

Apache Stronghold Convoy
in NYC - Times Square
12 Noon July 17, 2015

The Southeast Arizona land exchange was one of the bills that was attached to the National Defense Authorization Act and passed by the U.S. House and the Senate.  For over 10 years it has not been able to get enough votes for passage in either the House or the Senate.
A republican controlled congress has worked hard to give land at Apache Leap and Oak Flat in southeastern Arizona to a foreign Mining Company, Resolution Copper, without any environmental impact studies or without the free, prior and informed consent or even consultation with San Carlos Apache and other Red Nations that consider the area sacred. The last time the bill came up for vote in the House of Representatives it was shut down by New Mexico Representative Lujan who proposed an amendment to the bill that required that Native American concerns
regarding Sacred Sites be addressed.  

Native youth from Apache and other Red Nations are traveling to D.C. to demand that our, that their, voices be heard with stops across the continent.  They will be in New York City to hold a FLASHMOB with Apache Songs and Apache Social Dance around the Singers on July 17, 2015 at 12 Noon.  Please spread the word and be there if at all possible.  
Let's show that New York City is Indian Country too!!!
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Thomas Ashez said...

This seems to be a wonderful movement. The land give-away is a horrible example of Congress bowing to big money interests (big donors). This is what we get with "Citizens United". God bless the Native American. It should be illegal to give away sacred sites!