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July 17, 2015

Apache Stronghold Visits Carlisle: Children Who Never Came Home

Chiricahua Apache Children were Prisoners of War at Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania

Censored News
"We need to know our history, where we have been will guide us to where we are going. " Wendsler Nosie Sr.
The Apache Stronghold visited our relatives who never made it back home. It was a real emotional experience for all of us. The Chiricahua Apache children who were there did not arrive as students like other tribes, but arrived as Prisoners of War.

"Carlisle was a heavy place to visit due to the boarding school history. We were fortunate to have amazing people taking care of us along the way." Wendsler Nosie, Apache Stronghold." Wendsler Nosie, Apache Stronghold.

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