Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

July 1, 2015

Nihigaal bee lina 'Dine' Warriors Take a Stand!'

By Nihigaal bee lina
Censored News
We are 85 miles into the journey to Dibé Nistaa. We walked 5 days, rested 1, made ceremonial offerings 2 days and successfully pulled off 3 events. The hottest day we walked through was 106 degrees. Today we hid from the heat in a tunnel beneath the old highway 89 five miles outside of Bodaway/Gap. As we came into Gap, we walked into a rain and hail storm and got completely soaked. This evening we weren't authorized to stay at the Chapter house, but are happy to be warm and camped out with full bellies. These 8 days have been extremely challenging, but tonight as we watch the lightening in the distance we feel the blessings and are reaffirmed in our purpose.
We are calling out to our DINÉ WARRIORS to take a stand in protecting our homelands and carrying on our way of life. We are in a CRISIS. As we walk, we are seeing our beautiful homeland being turned into a toxic waste land that we will not be able to live on. What happens to the land happens to the people. In many communities our people are unable to drink the water, breath the air, and are plagued by illness. Things will only get worse if we DO NOT take action. Come walk in prayer as we journey to our sacred places and make the offerings our ancestors have always made to reaffirm our way of life. Our collective prayer is that our young people fulfill our ancestors' prayers by realizing the beauty in the land and rise to defend our home. It is up to us!

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