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July 29, 2015

Google Blogger bullying the little people: Take down order and more for Censored News

Censored News photos through the years.

Google Blogger bullying the little people: 

Take down order and more for Censored News

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Censored News is a small operation, a labor of love. It is a service to Indigenous Peoples and human rights advocates.

So why the bullying from Google Blogger, where I have been posting for the last nine years?

First, Google Blogger yanked off an article last week with a take down order (Canadian police kill Anonymous member defending Treaty 8 land from dam.) 

After I published the facts about the take down, perhaps in retaliation, Google Blogger posted an ugly sign on my blog for European readers, warning them about cookies. The ugly sign isn't even correct. Censored News does not use Adsense or any form of advertising. 

Further, Google never gave me a copy of the so-called complaint which led to the take down order. So, there is no way to know what the offending content was. The post has multiple links and screenshots on it.

Here's the Censored News WordPress site, which is up and running again. It will serve as a backup in case Google Blogger follows through on its threats and yanks the whole nine years of Censored News work off the Internet.

For now, we will keep posting on Google Blogger as well. We will let you know if there's more bullying.

Here's Google Blogger's notices:

Above: Google Blogger notice to Censored News for ugly sign for European readers

Above: Google Blogger notice of take down order, but there is no copy of the complaint so the post, which has multiple links and screenshots, can be fixed.

Above: Ugly sign posted on Censored News yesterday for European readers.
It is incorrect. Censored News does not use Adsense or any form of advertising.
 Below: Censored News now again at WordPress.
Up and running again, Censored News at WordPress.

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