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October 14, 2016

AIM -- Reno charges victims in hate crime toward Native Americans

video screen capture by Censored News

Press Conference/American Indian Movement, Northern Nevada/Abolish Columbus Day

Good Afternoon,

We, the Native American Indian Movement of Northern Nevada, are outraged by the actions of the Reno Police Department. We are disappointed in the charges brought against the driver. It is unreasonable that the victims of this hate crime are being charged. It is not reasonable to have a double standard regarding self defense, based on race. The 'factual account' of events offered by the Reno Police Department did not include any of the eye witness accounts of the individuals stalking the Abolish Columbus Day Protest, the eye witness accounts of them yelling racial slurs, or the aggressive provocation that happened before the video began. 

We demand the charges be dismissed on the two protectors who tried to stop this violent individual. 
We demand that more charges be brought against the driver, and his passenger.
We demand that the City of Reno publicly abolish Columbus Day.
We demand Chief Soto's resignation for his lack of leadership in this investigation.

We will be holding a press conference today, October 15, 2016 at 10AM at Valdez Studio, 940 Matley Lane, Ste 34. 


Raquel Arthur

Read article on this hate crime at Censored News:

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Anonymous said...

The police Failed to see Hit and Run, and this oversight needs to be addressed by a Federal Government Agency to see if the charges are correct.