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October 22, 2016

Tipiziwin 'Warriors Come Back! They are Chasing our People to the River'

Videos reveal unprovoked police brutality today, water protectors 
beaten with police batons, pepper sprayed, large number arrested

By Tipiziwin Tolman
Censored News

Please watch the video posted by Wiyaka Eagle Man, the police, the military, armored vehicles, assault rifles, they are chasing our people, surrounded our people, chasing them into the river. I started crying, holding my baby daughter, because we come from so much people who were chased down, hunted down and gunned down by the military and the police. History is repeating itself. All those stories we were raised with, that we carry in our hearts, of our people, fleeing, running, racing, for our lives, just to live. We are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who survived the US Government federally mandated massacres on our people.
Ikíčhize wičháša épi na Ikíčhize Wíŋyaŋ nitȟáwapi kiŋ
uŋwičháši '
Come back to Standing Rock's northern border, all Ocheti Sakowin, all nations, all people. Come be a witness for the water and for the world. Come stand and protect our people and our water and our future.
Please. Remember all those caravans from Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River, Lower Brule, etc., come back, and come now.
Even if you have to walk.
Who am I to ask this of our people, the people, I really am nobody or nothing but I am a mother and a teacher of children from Standing Rock. I grew up on the Missouri, this is my home. And my family has lived along the Missouri since 100 years before the stars fell (1730) according to our families winter count. I know there are so many sacred sites, prayers sites, grave sites, that are being plowed over.
I know what is at stake.
Our water is our first medicine in our historical and LIVING traditions. It is the main component in all our ceremonies. It is the very reason we are alive.
Please share this post far and wide, and --
Please come or come back to Standi
ng Rock. Now.
We need you, more than ever.


Unknown said...

This cannot be posted to Twitter, either. They are blocking reference to this for unknown reasons.

Unknown said...

This cannot be posted to Twitter, either. They are blocking reference to this for unknown reasons.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Sorry, but Twitter has blocked Censored News links for several weeks now. Twitter will not respond as to why. Censored News has published a decade with no problem, and 8 years at Twitter without problems. Thank you for your support, Brenda, Censored News

Anonymous said...

Copy/paste then publish it on Twitter piece by piece if necessary. Get the word out.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Censored News continues to post images, and Tweets, on Twitter. But our links are blocked. Twitter will not respond as to why.

Michael Burns said...

"As we know now, we must fight against injustice, against slavery and terror. Because these 3 scourges are what makes silence reign among men, what builds barriers between them, what renders them invisible to one another and prevent them from finding the only value that might save them from this desperate world: the extended of man’s struggling against fate."

Albert Camus, The Human Crisis