Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

October 30, 2016

Chief Arvol Looking Horse to Obama -- Own your words, stop the pipeline

Chief Arvol Looking Horse


ecoecho said...

twitter censors your url as spam! Amazing! I can tweet anything else but whenever I put in your url for a blogpost u did Twitter will not post it.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Twitter began blocking our links three weeks ago. Please try to convert to a Tiny URL for Twitter.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have been kept from understanding (Not schooled properly) about Sioux Tribes (Lakota & Dakota & Nakota) traditional beliefs and religious sacrament that "They" the Capitalist and Churches kept out of schools and learning centers to keep everyone away from understanding American Indian culture , I suggest you read " Black Elk Speaks" by John Neihardt 1932 in which the author takes word for word the description from a Holy Man , Healer named Black Elk. All My Relatives

Anonymous said...

Decolonize your mind.
Schools, what schools?
The ones that teach that Col_bus discovered Indians?
DECOLONIZE the enslave people Trade Agreements

Anonymous said...

So DAPL, when is it being connected to Canada ??

Anonymous said...

It is about race. Treaties are the supreme law of the land. The United States does not enforce the law because the Doctrine of Discovery (Johnson v. M'Intosh) says that when the white man "discovered" the Americas, he owns everything. What you are seeing at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is white supremacist colonial law perpetrated in the twenty first century. It is racist because there is liberty and justice for all except the Indians. Treaties are international contracts and the way contracts work is that if you break a contract, the property reverts back to the original owner. How does a racist government deal with broken contracts? They say, since we discovered it centuries ago, WE have given YOU the right to occupy it but in our magnanimous benevolence, we want to pay you what it was worth when we discovered it or finally got around to taking it---one dollar an acre!!! But look, with interest, it has grown to over a billion dollars. Why that's a thousand dollars apiece OR ten thousand apiece if you don't count the kids!!! This Satanic government was founded on the breaking of God's commandment, "Do not remove your neighbor's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God has given you to possess." Deuteronomy 19:14

Unknown said...

Blessings from us all here in Punyangung those who remember when the earth was soft and all together
From us who uphold the 13 original Star skin lore of creation

Stay strong Our Spirits are with you

Ooooollaaaallleeee a ho mateo MITAKYASIN