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October 19, 2016

Kelcy Warren is the face of genocide for Native Americans

Kelcy Warren the Face of Genocide for Native Americans

Censored News Genocide Man of the Year

The greed for oil money means that young and old are risking their futures, and illegal strip searches, to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

STANDING ROCK, North Dakota -- Kelcy Warren has become the face of genocide for Native Americans. The Dakota Access Pipeline is primarily owned by Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners in Dallas.
For Native Americans, Kelcy Warren’s greed has meant risking their futures and freedom, and being victims of illegal strip searches.
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Lakota/Dakota, who owns the land where Sacred Stone Camp is located, said her daughter was strip searched, and left naked in a jail cell all night.
Allard describes how Morton County police followed a car that her daughter, an adult, was riding in. Her daughter, a passenger in the back seat, was arrested with no cause given and taken to Morton County Jail.
"Three male officers, and one female officer stripped her naked. Then they took her naked and put her in a jail cell and left her there all night,” Allard told TYT Politics in a video interview.
The Morton County Sheriff continues to violate human rigthts, civil rights and human decency as it defends the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
One young Lakota man -- who was not at the camp on the day that he was charged with a misdemeanor -- was still forced to spend the night in jail. He was strip searched and humiliated before the charge was dismissed the next morning.
The livestreamers, Unicorn Riot, have had four livestreamers arrested while being present for coverage as media.
The riot charge against Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman was dismissed this week. Actress Shailene Woodley, arrested while live streaming, is also charged.
Unicorn Riot’s public records request reveals that for Morton County, it is all about the money and cashing in on over-policing and oppression with the National Guard and police forces from other regions.
Morton County has blocked peaceful water protectors engaged in prayer, with armored vehicles, riot police, and pointed loaded assault weapons at women, children and elderly.
Dakota Access Pipeline security guards have attacked water protectors with vicious dogs and pepper spray, while they were defending the burial places from DAPL bulldozers ripping through the earth.
Native Americans are protecting the Missouri River and burial places from Dakota Access Pipeline. Dakota Access Pipeline is now threatening the Missouri River with an underwater crude oil pipeline. The river is the water source of millions.

Kelcy Warren cut a CD for Jackson Browne. But all the tunes in the world can't make him cool. Warren even got President Obama to sign a presidential permit for his pipeline to cross the border into Mexico with his poisonous fracked gas, to poison the people there, and bulldoze through ancient burial places in Big Bend. Warren doesn't mind putting at risk the drinking water of millions with a crude oil pipeline under the Missouri River, to increase his billions in the Dakotas. Warren doesn't care if young and old risk their freedom, and are subjected to illegal strip searches by Morton County. Warren doesn't care if he illegally steals the small farms of the poor in Iowa.
Warren is Censored News' Genocide Man of the Year.

Morton Co. Strip Searches Lakota Woman, Leaves in Jail Cell Naked all Night

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Gene Vermillion said...

We must realize this a holy battle. We are greatly indebted to these people. They are fighting for all humans and animals of the world's biosphere.

Anonymous said...

oh the irony...
taken from wikipedia:

"The Kelcy Warren Foundation supports the Caddo Lake Institution, an organization with the mission of protecting the ecological, cultural and economic integrity of Caddo Lake, its associated wetlands and watershed."

I think he needs to start with a moral foundation within himself before he tries having a "mission of protecting" anything.