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October 17, 2016

West Coast Women Warriors 'Warrior Spirits Rising at Morton County Courthouse'


West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative 
Photos and Article by West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative
Censored News
October 17th 2016. Morton Country Colonial Courthouse
Today up to 10 people including journalist from Democracy Now! Amy Goodman, who turned herself in today attended court; for their actions on the Frontlines to protect the water from being poisoned by the Dakota Access Pipeline.
A crowd of roughly 100 people gathered to support the Water Protectors. In what is quickly becoming the new normal here in the stolen lands of the Standing Rock, Lakota People, a heavy presence of riot police came out in full force with batons in hand ready to bang on the People in the name of their almighty leader Kelcy Warren CEO of Energy Transfer Partners.
When we first arrived early in the morning there was not much a presence of supporters but a lone ally with a sign. As the day commenced People flowed in with signs and flags, with Sage and Drums. We sang, we danced, we demanded justice for those who are facing serious charges and possible jail time for their acts of bravery in the fight for Sacred Water, against a corporate giant who’s only agenda is to extract as much oil for as little cost as possible with no regard whatsoever to the rights and the wants and needs of not only the Standing Rock Tribe but to the 17 million people downstream.
You have to question at these times, why the Morton County Sheriffs are so invested in this to the point of hyperbole, is it because North Dakotas Governor has shares and is himself profiting from this pipeline? The picture painted here is one of dystopian overtones that can be frightening if you are new to Indigenous Resistance or Frontline Land Defender activity.
To continuously be confronted with such violence for doing what is right and what is just for clean air, and water is tantamount to acts of war on Native Peoples. Right here. Right now. In 2016 the state is still brutalizing and committing genocide on our people.
The time is now to support those of the Water Protectors who have been unjustly arrested, the fight isn’t over when they are taken off the machines and arrested or held hostage by the State for being at actions! We must as always be proud of and in support of those who have taken action into their hands, who have bravely made the choice to protect Water at all costs. They have put their freedom on the line for what they believe and know to be true in this day and age not many people can say they put it all on the line in this manner to ensure a future we can all prosper in as humans.
You can’t live on a dead planet. We need more Warriors and Land Defenders and Water Protectors to come here, the numbers are dwindling but our Warrior Spirits are rising! We are awaiting your presence to help stop corporate capitalism from raping our Mother Earth!
Only time will tell what the actual outcome for those facing charges is until the trial’s are over and the verdicts and sentencing are in. We are Proud of all Water Protectors and Warriors, we are inspired and we are as always on a move to kill the Black Snake!
West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative
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