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April 10, 2017

White Clay Rally Against Predators -- Long Walk 5 Photos by Bad Bear

Rally against predatory alcohol vendors in White Clay, Nebraska, today, at the border of Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Photos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson
Photos and videos by Bad Bear Sampson, Western Shoshone
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Dutch translation by Alice Holemans at NAIS

The Longest Walk 5.2 rallied in White Clay, Nebraska today, April 8, 2017. Local horse riders joined walkers for the evening ceremony at Pine Ridge Billy Mills Hall for a 7 p.m.
“The Longest Walk 5.2 is a prayer walk and run from San Francisco to Washington D.C. supporting indigenous communities in seeking spiritual and cultural solutions to drug, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence,” said Bobby Wallace, National Walk Chief.
In White Clay, four businesses profited from the sale of 3.5 million cans of beer within the past year, fueling an epidemic of alcohol abuse in Native communities.
“We hope to help shed light on the predatory alcohol vendors in White Clay and honor the community’s ongoing, decades-long battle against these businesses,” Wallace said.

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Unknown said...

So glad the Walker went there,I've gone there so many times and it breaks my heart to see the devastation of our people. My prayers are with you walkers,and pray it makes a difference.