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July 30, 2017

Horse Nation 'Riding for the Water' Lakota Youth Riders Ride!

Horse Nation 'Riding for the Water' Lakota Youth Riders

Video by Govinda at Spirit Resistance Radio
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Chad describes the Horse Nation as they journey by horseback to Indian Nations.
Watch this video with Govinda at Spirit Resistance Radio, as Chad shares how Lakota, Dakota and Nakota youths are traveling on horseback throughout the region.
"Help us stand up for our fight, for our life," Chad said in an interview in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.
"Stand up against the government."
When asked if Horse Nation has a website, Chad said, "We don't have a website, because we don't trust the government." (Watch video interview below.)
Keystone XL 'We Are Ready!'
TigerSwan 'Gotcha!'
In a second interview with Spirit Resistance Radio a Water Protector at Wakpa Waste Powwow grounds at Eagle Butte, South Dakota, shares the struggle as it continues. The focus now is to fight the Keystone XL Pipeline. He describes how divestment is successful in halting pipelines.
"We do our best to stay in prayer."
Speaking of the respect necessary to be present in camp, and on the land, he says, "This is Lakota country."
This camp is a threat to Keystone XL.
"We are ready."
"They know we are ready."
Referring to the recent exposure by The Intercept, revealing that infiltrators from the TigerSwan mercenaries have been in the Water Protector Camps, he said, "We've already caught one TigerSwan and sent them packing."

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