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July 19, 2017

WAKPA WASTE CAMP -- Water Warriors Ready to Take On Keystone XL

Water Protector Chris at Wakpa Waste Camp, Live from Spirit Resistance Radio

Wakpa Waste Camp Live from Spirit Resistance Radio

Video by Govinda, Spirit Resistance Radio
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

EAGLE BUTTE, South Dakota -- Chris, Dineh from Flagstaff, Arizona, says Water Protectors are ready to rush forward and resist the Keystone XL Pipeline.
"It's another head of the snake we're going up against," Chris told Spirit Resistance Radio.
Keystone XL Pipeline would carry crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast, and endanger the drinking water of millions in the heart of this land. It would pass through the Ogallala Aquifer.
Chris said the pipelines bring with them the Man Camps, with private security moving in for the pipeline.
Urging the people to pray and go through the bruises, and being broken down, he said it will make you into a warrior.
"Pray, find the courage, and do what your heart tells you."
No matter how scary it is, keep going.
"Go for it head on."
"Once you go through it, you might be bloody, bruised, broken, but you'll heal."
"You've got to break yourself down to make yourself into a Warrior."
Speaking from the Cheyenne River Sioux homeland, and Wakpa Waste Camp, which was created when Water Protector Camps were leveled at Standing Rock, Chris said,"You'll always have a home here."

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