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July 6, 2017

'More Than a Pipeline' (Watch full movie English or Dutch)

Photos by More Than a Pipeline

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Published on Jun 30, 2017
We are grateful, humble and proud to announce the online release of More than a pipeline. MORE THAN A PIPELINE is a story about 500 years of suppression of the First Nations and how Standing Rock is basically a next chapter in that story.

This is a 100% non- profit project that relies on donations of viewers. The objective of the film is to increase global awareness about the suppression of The First nations of the US and other countries around the world. But also to show how they resurrected and found back their identity.

MORE THAN A PIPELINE A documentary by Robert Bridgeman & Lex Olthof
More than a pipeline is a documentary film by Dutch director Robert Bridgeman and cameraman Lex Olthof. The film tells the story of the 500 years of suppression of the First Nations by the US Government. Filmed from the viewpoint of the Standing Rock movement, and how this is in fact the next chapter in their ongoing fight for Sioux rights.

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Below are screenshots by Censored News from 'More Than a Pipeline'




dlhambone said...

So appreciate your efforts, especially viewing it on this 4th of July weekend. I wish all U.S. peoples could embrace the understanding of this film and help fulfill the prophecy. I was on the Backwater Bridge the Sunday after Thanksgiving for the women's action to counter the violence of the prior Sunday. It will always stand out as one of the most important days of my life. I'm from West Virginia. Coal country. I know exploitation and destruction of the land. And I stand with Standing Rock & all indigenous peoples defending the land and protecting the water. Thank you for your effort; it was a good one.

The WiZaRd said...

This is a very important video to share widely
and continue the noble fight for spiritual, treaty, and human rights
of our beloved indigenous sisters and brothers, in rebellion against
the corrupt political and corporate entities....Aho~