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July 1, 2017

Mohawk Nation News 'Recon'silly'ation'


Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. JULY 1 2017. There can be no reconciliation until the criminals are tried for their horrendous many crimes. Canada Inc. is a private corporation. Our land is fraudulently claimed by the Crown and occupied by their settler colonialists. 
The program is to make us relinquish everything that is ours and to disappear. Canada Inc. attempts to covers up the theft, murders and brutality of the onkwe-hon-onwe, the true natural people of great turtle island.We are to be absorbed into the body politic as if we never existed. 
The court, police and military want to continue to grab our children and babies for their systemic abuse programs. 
The vast social work network is trained in psychology that moulds our children for abuse, victimization and early death. The judges, teachers, lawyers, police are authority figures who tell us they are saving us from ourselves so we can be “good Canadian INDIANS”.  
We are ensnared when we are young and na├»ve. Sexual abuse, pedophilia, drugs, social problems are instigated to control, confuse us and reduce our numbers. The colonial settlers never stood with us because they benefit from the program. The only requirement to emigrate here is a big bank account and a business plan. 
Schools are brainwashing academies disguised as education.  
Breaking down our culture and identity continue to be part of their business plan. 
Canadian policy is to bury the past and hide evidence of the atrocities, i.e. Truth and Reconciliation Commission that wants to get rid of the evidence of systemic murder of our children. 
We will not cooperate over the murdered and abused bodies of our children and families. We will not shut our mouths. 
The military and hired thugs are at this moment working together to set up, provide tactics and protect this perverted dominion. 
The world should know about the ongoing genocide. No more cover-up by the corporation. 
The corporate rules are designed so the corporation wins and no fascist is punished for their crimes. 
The criminals will be charged. These murders will end. What was done to us and to our fate was meant to destroy and disappear us. Today we stand on this ground as our ancestors did from the beginning of time. 
The deep truth is on its way. Listen to the 75 year old song by the Mighty Mohawks about kahnawake. The war is never over until the hatchet is buried and the great peace wins. 
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Lee said...

Just found out I had Mohawk and Cherokee in me. I practically lived in the forest. I ate there and would go there from morning and not come out until night. I am viewed as strange. I am guessing my eating things God planted where passed down from my native American ancestors. I am viewed as strange. When I walk through the forest I yell at people for recklessly stepping on things. I would rather be looked down on then to live the empty lives they do. Keep up the good work, if it was up to them they would destroy all good things God has given us.
I own very little and I am happier then they are.