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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

STANDING ROCK -- Mass Arrests at New Camp -- Feb. 1, 2017

Breaking News -- Mass Arrest of 76 Water
Protectors by Militarized Police at New Camp, Last Child Camp, on Wednesday

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Wastin Win Young and Chase Iron Eyes were among 76 arrested today, as water protectors asserted Treaty rights. Iron Eyes asked water protectors to gather at the new camp, Last Child Camp, named in honor of the Warrior Society created by Crazy Horse.

Click arrow below to watch video, posted by Chase Iron Eyes before his arrest:

Click arrow below to watch drone coverage from camp on Wednesday:

Click arrow below to watch raid on new camp, Last Child, on Wednesday by Johnny Dangers:

Earlier Wednesday -- New NO DAPL Camp Goes Up!
North Dakota Congressmen's Misleading News Backfires

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Feb. 1, 2017

North Dakota Congressmen misled the public on Tuesday by publishing statements which misled many to believe that the Army Corps of Engineers had approved the final permit for Dakota Access Pipeline to drill beneath Lake Oahe at Standing Rock.

However, the easement approval has not been finalized. Now, a new resistance camp is going up at Standing Rock, as water protectors return. New pipeline resistance camps are going up across the nation.
APTN host/producer Dennis Ward reported today, "A big increase in law enforcement down the hill today. Plane started flying over head as the new #NoDAPL camp went up."
"A new #NoDAPL camp is going up. 'Last chance' Camp is across from Oceti."
At the camp, Johnny Dangers reports that the barricade on the bridge is being taken down. Six hummers, bulldozer, LRAD and masses of police are lined up behind the barricade, with an eye on the newly-established camp, located on the hill west of the big camp, Oceti Sakowin, Dangers reports.
Read article on Congressmen misleading statements on Tuesday
Below Watch Johnny Dangers Video, Feb. 1, 2017 Noon:Follow Johnny Dangers and Johnny K. Dangers 

OKLAHOMA: Pipeline Protest and Camp 2017

Advocacy groups met Monday at the Oklahoma Capitol to protest the Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines and to discuss the planned protest of the Diamond Pipeline. (Click arrow above to watch news coverage.)

Standing Rock to Secwepemcul’ecw – Pipeline Resistance North and South of the Medicine Line

Honoring the legacy of Arthur Manuel 

Standing Rock to Secwepemcul’ecw –
Pipeline resistance North and South of the Medicine Line.
A panel of Indigenous Land & Water Protectors

Join us in a powerful panel to hear about ongoing frontline struggles by Indigenous nations to protect our sacred lands and waters. From the black snake Dakota Access and Kinder Morgan pipelines to the dirty extraction of Tar Sands at the source, we as Indigenous peoples are and will create one thousand Standing Rocks to stop the desecration of our lands and waters. We are uniting and strengthening our alliances across the Medicine Line to defeat capitalist colonial extraction in defense of Mother Earth.

As the renowned Indigenous rights activist Arthur Manuel says, "The hard work that Indigenous Peoples have been doing for decades and decades is coming to a head. We must change the fundamental relationship. We must ensure Indigenous sovereignty before we loose this opportunity forever."

Mohawk Nation News 'Your Dying Bed'


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MNN. JAN. 31, 2017. Anyone who votes in the US and Canadian corporate elections are voting for war. They have to stop supporting it if they want to remain here. 
US CEO Trump has banned immigration.They are leaving one dictatorship for another created by the Anglo American Vatican access. Canada Inc.’s Trudeau says that those immigrants that can’t enter the US can come illegally to Canada, our land, without our knowledge or consent. We original natural people have the final say on who comes to or remains on our land, great turtle island. Great turtle island is under invasion and occupation. 
US Inc. and Canada Inc., you are done! We’ve had enough of you and your war mongering and extermination policies. We need to end it. It’s time for you to go. Everybody knows that we are the only people placed on great turtle island by our mother, creation. US Inc., Canada Inc. and Mexico Inc. are corporations. They are not the natural people. They do not follow the natural law of this land. They are thieving predators. 
The Pope, the leader of the Vatican, which is the Crown that creates the corporations, says CEO Trump is not a Christian. They created artificial laws to kill anyone who is not Christian. This is the problem all over the world.
The criminals are those who have committed crimes against us here – the pope, cardinals, bishops, clergy, corporate CEOs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, Congressmen, mayors, and all those who violate kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. No one has any right to tell us, the original natural people, what to do and what our rights are. 
We live by the kaia’nere:kowa. We are free and placed here by creation like the birds, animals, fish and all water and all life. Those who don’t live by the great peace, must leave great turtle island, and return to their land, animals, fish, birds.
Don’t moan, invaders, when you have to face your time of dying for the horrific genocide you committed against us and our mother. Take yourself home so you can die with your mother. 
Led Zeppelin sings about wanting to die without suffering like we did: “In my time of dying, I don’t want nobody to moan. All I want you to do is to take my body home, so I can die easy. Jesus gotta make you. Jesus is gonna make your dying bed. Meet me Jesus. Meet me.”
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Trump indorses fox news as the tv news service of the state.
Trump like Hitler towards the end. Presidency is not highest. It is the corporations.

Mohawk Nation News 'Gatling Guns to Buried Memories'


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MNN. Feb. 1, 2017. “orowiio” is the perfect reality. These corporate invaders are not of our original natural way. They suffer from cultural shock. We know about a sustainable peace on earth forever. We, their victims, suffer from their brutal killing sprees so they could hold on to their stolen riches.

Their artificial languages create memories their handlers chose for them, while trying to beat our culture out of us. Our language is based on tones and pictures from nature that goes back to the moment of our creation, where we reach our true power. They have old buried grotesque memories. Soon they will only hear the truth, which they can ignore or accept. Everything has to be made right or they will have to leave great turtle island. The genocide will not go unpunished.
The invaders’ minds are designed by their handlers for a limited ability to question authority.
Their language has an imbedded trigger for certain actions when activated. Our existence, our tie to nature can never be broken.

We reach our ancestors through the language where our answers are. We hear tones and see pictures that can never exist in the Admiralty language. We see creation’s true power. Not by artificial design, but by our association with all natural life.
The church planned the diabolical program to annihilate those who stood in their way, such as the mass murder of over 100 million of us in the Western Hemisphere.
The corporation creates wars. We do not benefit from all that is taken from our mother.
The designers of the “Western” mind stopped their ability to empathize. The state could suddenly drop these people who are totally dependent on them for their instructions. The oldest nightmares will return with a vengeance. They fear being reminded of their evil destructive past. They don’t legally own anything in the Americas. These pirates can only plunder. Some will have a conscience. Unfortunately they don’t have a truthful language to express it.
They say they are now willing to face the truth, which means they will reconcile their past crimes. We foresee the criminals designing their own reconciliation police to protect those who perpetrated the crimes, the Crown shareholders. They will continue benefitting from it as long as the illusion of reconciliation persists.
The bankers can’t lose the war after they have stolen so much and committed such brutal atrocities. The rulers don’t want to lose the enterprise because they are essentially bankrupt.
People are controlled through learning artificial words with meanings created by the rulers. The language is not based on nature, but on greed and possession. Freedom is not in the program. Those who speak about freedom are “disappeared”. 
The band and tribal councils who are owned by the corporation are a pit full of vipers who speak for the matrix, which the public easily accepts. They must all disappear to begin the healing of mother earth.
People will buy lies but creation will not. We are the conscience. The corporation always tried to dissolve us. This has always failed. Going back to 1491 would make our land great again.

 The people are conditioned to blindly follow the rules of their leader as in cults. To survive with mother earth sustainably, they must come with us.
The Beatles sing about the mass chaos we are all living in now in the “Walrus”: “I am he. As you are he. As you are me. And we are all together. See how they run, like pigs from a gun. See how they fly, I’m crying … Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come. Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday, man you’ve been a naughty boy. You let your face grow long. I am the egg man.” 

medal of honor for massacre of Sioux wounded knee

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