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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lakota Tonia Stands on Makazita White River: Crow Butte Uranium Poisoning Water

Lakota Tonia Stands on Makazita White River -- Crow Butte Uranium Poisoning Water

Article and photos by Tonia Stands, Lakota
Copyright Tonia Stands
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Yesterday I got to go to a place of happiness and fun made me cry. I could still hear everyone laughing and swimming. It was a hot day, it gets well over 100 this time year. I got to go along side the River that raised me, WHITE RIVER called MAKAZITA in Lakota. The water that my Grandparents fished in and lived off our relatives, the Fish. It provided plenty for ages upon Ages. We aren't the only Relatives that lived along side MAKAZITA. There are huge NESTS for miles all the way thru. This is a very important source of Water to our People here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Land of the WILD OGLALA.

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