Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 29, 2019

Apache Wendsler Nosie going home to Oak Flat

Photo by Steve Pavey

Photo by Steve Pavey

Photo by Steve Pavey

By Vanessa Nosie

Censored News

Today Wendsler Nosie Sr. of the Apache Stronghold and former chair of the San Carlos Apache begins his journey home to Oak Flat.

“The history of our people, of all indigenous people, was to murder us and then place us as prisoners of war, to conquer our land for the purpose of greed. The U.S. government promises that one day we would be free and return home. Those words were lies and betrayal. Today my father, Wendsler Nosie Sr. started on his spiritual journey to return home to take his permanent residency at Oak Flat. He started this morning where they first imprisoned us at Old San Carlos.

"He is no longer allowing the U.S. government to continue to lie to him and his people. In his return home he is going to continue to fight this evil that has shown to us throughout this country and protect our holy sites, and our future generations to come. Please continue to pray for him and the journey he is on for his life will forever be changed.”

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