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November 27, 2019

Apache Wendsler Nosie and Religious Leaders Will Guard Oak Flat, Join Them

Photos by Leslie Jean

By Apache Stronghold
Censored News
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You may have heard the news beginning to spread; Wendsler Nosie, Sr will be returning home to Chi'chil Bildagoteel, leaving tomorrow and walking from San Carlos. His intention is to stay, guarding the sacred site from those who seek to harm his religious right to be there. Indigenous peoples have been leading the fight to stop the transfer of land to a foreign company and the proposed Resolution Copper mine. His letter to the US Forest Service is attached below.

Spiritual leaders from around the country are coming to join Wendsler on this path, in solidarity. Rev. Dr. William Barber II and a delegation of the Poor People's Campaign will be there tomorrow. He hopes to arrive at Oak Flat on Saturday and all are welcome to join in spiritual support as he makes this return. Please respond to this email if you are interested to get updates over the next few days for how to show up.

Please send prayers to Wendsler and his whole family.

If you are with a journalist or with a media outlet, please contact Vanessa Nosie ( to schedule an interview.

Thank you!
Protect Oak Flat!

As Christian ministers who are committed to the freedom of religion for all people, we call on all people of faith to stand with Wendsler Nosie Sr. and the Apache Stronghold before it is too late. To preach the resurrection of Jesus is to proclaim that no one and no one's tradition must be crucified for the greater good. We can protect the waters, protect Oak Flat, and still have enough resources for every family in this land to flourish. The history of terrible violence this nation has committed against indigenous people from the Trail of Tears to Standing Rock is a reminder that the apocalypse Nosie goes home to face is a real possibility. But it is not a necessity. We pray Americans will act to show genuine gratitude for the original stewards of this land and their religious freedom. We join our brother, Wendsler Nosie, in the call to save Oak Flat and in his journey as he goes home to Oak Flat. 
-Rev. Dr. William Barber II and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

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