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November 18, 2019

Bolivian Indigenous Killed by Fascist Right Coup, Evo Morales in Asylum in Mexico

Mourners hold wreaths around the coffin of a supporter of former president Evo Morales killed during clashes with security forces in Sacaba, Bolivia, on Saturday. (Juan Karita/Associated Press)
UN warns Bolivia crisis could spin out of control as death toll mounts

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Indigenous Peoples are being massacred by the far-right Christian coup that took over Bolivia, with backing from the United States. President Evo Morales arrived in Mexico after Mexico granted Morales asylum and sent a plane for him. Although airspace was blocked temporarily by Bolivia and Peru, Morales made it to Mexico, after spending a night hiding under a blanket. Now, violence has erupted in Bolivia, as the police and military massacre  Indigenous. The United States and Canada are recognizing a self-appointed leader which the Bolivian Legislature is not recognizing. 
President Morales was a friend to all of us who gathered at the Mother Earth Conference in Cochabamba in 2010, and we support his well-being and vision.

In the news:

68,000 fake Twitter accounts were created to support coup in Bolivia

(CBC) The United Nations warned on Saturday violence in Bolivia could "spin out of control" following a night of skirmishes between security forces and coca farmers loyal to ousted president Evo Morales that left at least eight dead.

Morales resigned a week ago under pressure from Bolivia's police and military after evidence of vote rigging tainted his Oct. 20 election victory. He fled to Mexico.

The leftist and charismatic former coca farmer has since called his ouster a "coup," and decried growing allegations of heavy-handed repression by security forces under interim president and former conservative lawmaker Jeanine Anez.

"The coup leaders massacre indigenous and humble people for asking for democracy," Morales said on Twitter late Friday, following reports of mounting deaths.
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Bolivian coup led by Christian fascist right millionaire with foreign help

(GRAYZONE) Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged separatism. He has courted support from Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuelan opposition.

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Bolivian interim government blames Cubans, ousts Venezuelan officials

(REUTERS) LA PAZ -- Bolivia’s interim government said on Friday it had asked Venezuelan officials to leave the country, and accused Cubans, including doctors, of instigating unrest after the resignation of former president Evo Morales.
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Cuban doctors arrested return home safely

The four doctors were detained for allegedly "encouraging and financing" the protests demanding the re-establishment of the Constitutional Order.

(TeleSure) Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez announced Sunday the return of 207 medical personnel who were offering their services in Bolivia, among them the four doctors who were detained for allegedly "encouraging and financing" the massive protests that demand the reestablishment of the Constitutional Order in the Andean nation.
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